• Honor To Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Queen of Germany!

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    Honor To Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Queen of Germany!

    Born on this date of November 8th in 1928 at Winterscheid (today part of Gilserberg) in Hesse.

    Today’s Jew despots have locked up the widowed great grandmother for the supposed crime of her insistence on exposing their hackneyed lies about the Holohoax, thereby making her an inspiration to us the world NAGIM* 8-BRU** strong [*=Normal, Alias “
    Gentile”, IMmensity; **=”Billion, Rounded Up”].

    As is well-known to all historians, World Jewry employed the huge pincer created by its bloody stooges Josef Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt to destroy National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and then to split the country in two for more than half a
    century. The real holocausts of the Atomic War aka WW2 occurred in targetted cities such as Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo and, of course, the Big Two.

    Misled by Bernard Baruch, their Second King, with David Ben Gurion as his XO, the Yidz first consolidated their grip on state power via the Dallas Jack Whack, that all-time biggest kosher coup d’etat. About 8 years later, World Jew HQ then cooked up
    the global Holohoax psywar campaign as the spiritual glue for JAPE, the JewAmerican Planetary Empire. Since the Haiphong Massacre of November 23, 1946, JAPE has murdered –in the strictest sense of that most important word-- tens of millions of victims
    worldwide, from Southeast Asia to Korea to Latin America to Africa and to MENA.

    The sole public benefit of JLS*--911 [*=“Jewish Lightning Strike”] has been that the backflash of that notorious stunt’s comparative crudity at last lit up lit up for us the NAGIM the grim character of the hit in Dealey Plaza 38 years earlier.

    The ~15 million worldwide Jew total constitutes only about 00.2% of our planetary pop as a whole. The highest Jew estimate for the USA [see Alpha below] = ~2.12% of the national pop at a beanie count of <7 million.

    This ultra-tiny Jew minority misrules the rest of us by MULL or MUrder, Looting & Lying. Despite such time-tested tactics, however, the rise of the Internet is helping our 8-BRU to come to consciousness of the racial situation. The NaZionist (with
    apologies to the old Germans) cabal is now scraping the bottom of the barrel for shabbos goyim to serve as their frontcuntz. Factions of the Jew secret police such as the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. are openly quarreling with each other and the most murderous
    of the br-ass hats are openly threatening the incumbent President.

    Obviously the Yarmulkes control all of the quasi-official Democrat Party candidates for President as well as T-RumPus45 himself. That talmudic grip includes the supposed ‘peace candidate’ from the U.S. Army Military Police, Major Tulsi Gabbard. (I
    had to specify which army there because at least one of the high Merkin bosses, former Obomber handler and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Israel Emanuel served only in the Israeli military.)

    How can we the NAGIM overthrow JAPE and replace Yidocracy with democracy truly so called? Our first step must be to build boxing rings for our minds, i.e, neutral online venues completely free of Jew and any other censorship. The JAIMFAL or JewAgents of
    Influence in the Merkin FAux Left constitute JAPE’s first line of defense. Prominent JAIMFAL examples include the Counterpunch & Unz Review websites as well as individuals such as Kibbutznik Senator B.S, Yidocracy Now’s Amy Goodman, Green Jewess Jill
    Stein, Pink Jewess Millionairess Heiress Medea Benjamin, Norman Solomon, Burn Artist Jeffrey Blankfort and so on and so forth.

    The Jews wrecked the old Usenet “newsgroups” because a lot of truth had come out in them, e.g, about JAPE war crimes against Iraq, JLS—911 etc. We in the USA can pull an Easter Resurrection of such fora for free debate by using our public libraries
    and other membership institutions such as schools and churches to create online venues open to posting only for members willing to sign their own true names to their comments. Such a requirement will eliminate the previous main sabotage tactic of dumping
    digital tons of trash from anonymous sources. Opening these Home Rings will also give us great momentum.

    At this moment we still have the chance to generate our own genuine movement to contest the 2020 election, which otherwise would remain merely another macabre charade for the chumpsters.

    Whom would the reader put in the 0-0 in 2021 were the choice up to her [or] alone? I have proposed that we organize ourselves to draft Alison Weir
    for Prez, with Mel Gibson as her VP. Do you and the good soul next to you agree, Dear Reader, then this ticket will carry all before it and solve our White House staffing problems through 2036, eh what?

    In a dark night on Earth and from her prison cell Dame Ursula Haverbeck shines forth a holy light upon us all, so may Heaven Bless Her!

    [For example, if you define Jews only by those who practice the religion, Pew counted 4.2 million adult Jewish Americans or 1.8 percent of the total U.S. adult population.

    ...The estimated population would grow by 1.2 million if you include people of no religion who consider themselves Jewish in a cultural or secular way and have at least one Jewish parent. There are another 1.3 million children being raised at least
    partially Jewish and living in households with at least one Jewish adult. Totaling those groups, you reach 6.7 million Jews of all ages in the U.S. in 2013.] --WaPo.




    [Two countries, the United States (51%), and Israel (30%), including its occupied territories in the West Bank (2%), account for 81% worldwide of those recognized as Jews and eligible for citizenship by Israel under its Law of Return.]

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    Honor To Prisoner Ursula Haverbeck, Queen of Germany!
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