• Cameron says Turkey 'decades' from joining the EU

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    It is the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who wants to take his majesty's goverment out of EU, says Turkey 'decades' from joining the EU.

    How much does David Cameron, who is the Prime Minister and a subject of her royal highness, majesty the Imperial Queen of United Kingdom, represent peoples of UK???

    Is he talking about what his mistress' wishes or the for the peoples of UK for whom he is not exactly democratically representing???



    22 May 2016 Sunday

    Cameron says Turkey 'decades' from joining the EU

    'It is not remotely on the cards that Turkey is going to join the EU at any time soon,' British PM says

    World Bulletin / News Desk

    British Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday it would be decades before Turkey could possibly join the EU, saying that it might happen in the year 3000 on current progress.

    Even then, the United Kingdom, like all member states, would have a veto on their entry, Cameron said, with future Turkish accession a key battleground in Britain's referendum on its own EU membership.

    "It is not remotely on the cards that Turkey is going to join the EU at any time soon," Cameron told ITV television.

    "They applied in 1987. At the current rate of progress, they'd probably get round to joining in about the year 3000."

    Cameron wants Britain to stay in the EU.

    With a month to go to the June 23 referendum, the "Remain" camp is on 55 percent and the "Leave" campaign on 45 percent, according to the What UK Thinks website's average of the last six opinion polls.

    "The Leave campaign are making a very misleading claim about Turkey. Turkey is not going to join," Cameron said.

    "They're basically saying vote to get out of Europe because of this issue of Turkey that we can't stop joining the EU. That is not true.

    "Britain and every other country in the European Union has a veto on another country joining.

    "At the current rate of progress, it would be decades, literally decades, before this even had a prospect of happening," he said of Turkish accession.

    "Even at that stage, we would be able to say no."

    Writing in the Sunday Express newspaper, Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-EU, anti-mass immigration UK Independence Party, said that to stay in the EU "would mean not just net migration at the current record high levels, but at rates even higher" in
    future if Turkey joined.

    "Open borders with Turkey would be a total disaster for our country," the leading Brexit campaigner wrote.

    "With a population of 80 million, it would mean even more uncontrolled migration into the UK."

    After applying in 1987, Turkey began EU accession talks in 2005.

    In 2010, Cameron went to Ankara to "make the case for Turkey's membership of the EU. And to fight for it".

    During former Turkish president Abdullah Gul's state visit in 2011, Cameron reassured him that Britain remained strongly supportive of Turkey's EU membership bid.



    EU referendum: Tory minister rubbishes Cameron's claim that Turkey 'won't ever' be allowed to join the EU

    UK powerless to stop Turkey joining the EU, says Minister

    David Cameron has raised "serious" questions over judgement of his own cabinet ministers after a row erupted this morning over the possibility of Turkey joining the EU.

    The Prime Minister said it was "not remotely on the cards" after Penny Mordaunt, the Armed Forces Minister, claimed Turkey is set to join the EU in the next eight years and the UK will be unable to veto the move.

    He joked that Turkey is on course to join the EU in the year 3000 on its current rate of progress, as he launched a brutal attack on one of his own ministers.

    Mr Cameron described Ms Mordaunt's claims that Britain had no veto over Turkish accession to the 28-member bloc as "misleading" and "absolutely wrong".

    Pressed on whether she was qualified to remain in government, the Prime Minister told ITV's Peston on Sunday: "Her responsibilities are in the Ministry of Defence, she is doing a very good job.

    "But on this question of whether of not we have a veto, the Leave campaign are wrong."

    Mr Cameron added: "It is not remotely on the cards that Turkey is going to join the EU any time soon. They applied in 1987. At the current rate of progress they will probably get round to joining in about the year 3000 according to the latest forecasts."

    Brexit could be "very dangerous" for the NHS

    Simon Stevens, the head of NHS England, has said Brexit could be "very dangerous" for the health service.

    "It would be a severe concern if at precisely the moment the NHS needs extra funding the economy goes into a tailspin", he told teh Andrew Marr show.

    Mr Stevens said he took "very seriously" the warnings made by Bank of England boss Mark Carney of a slowdown of the economy if the UK exits the EU.

    Lord Owen told the BBC's Sunday Politics that Mr Stevens was making a "very considerable mess" of the NHS and he should "better stick to his lathe, which is to manage the health service a great deal more successfully."

    "If there's any danger to the NHS it is in staying in", he added.

    Cameron: Cost of the weekly shop will rise by 3 per cent if Britain left the EU

    Family shopping bills are set to rise by £220 a year if Britain quits the European Union, David Cameron has warned.

    A vote to leave would mean the average family shelling out an extra £120 a year on food and drink, the Prime Minister said.

    An extra £100 is likely to go on increased clothing and footwear costs, fuelled by a fall in sterling, according to Treasury analysis.

    Mr Cameron said: "This analysis makes absolutely clear that British families are better off remaining in a reformed European Union. Independent studies show that a vote to leave would hit the value of the pound, making imports more expensive and raising
    prices in the shops.

    "This isn't about dry economics; this is about the economic security of hardworking families in Britain. Families are better off voting to remain in the EU - the alternative is a leap in the dark that would risk prosperity and security."

    Trade wars: memo shows EU is costing UK billions

    A secret government memo today reveals how a trade war between European Union countries is damaging the British economy.

    The damning Whitehall assessment – seen by the Telegraph – has found that France and other EU countries are hampering new “free-trade” deals because they want to protect their farmers from the extra competition.

    David Cameron claims that the power of Brussels to negotiate these free-trade agreements with parts of the world such as the United States is a critical reason why Britain must not leave the EU.

    But the memorandum suggests that Britain is losing out on £2.5 billion a year in potential trade as a result of the ongoing delays to a proposed deal between the EU and Latin America.

    Labour members not happy after receiving email addressed to 'Firstname'

    Lbour members have reacted furiously to an email addressed to 'Firstname' asking them to donate £20 towards the Party's campaign to stay in the EU.

    Activists and supporters have taken to Twitter to complain that they do not feel a "valued member" of the Party.

    Signed off by 'The Labour Party', members are asked to donate £20 for providing a reason they think Britain is better off remaining in the EU.

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