• Turkiye to hand out 55,000 Qurans in 4 continents in different lang

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    Why is it, the Democratic Republic of Turkiye’s job and/or responsibility to distribute 5,000 Qurans in Sri Lanka, and 55,000 Qurans in 4 continents in different languages while the same Quran is largely not available and not encouraged in Turkish
    language in Turkiye, and a citizen could only read/learn Quran and be taught by government approved Imams and preachers in Arabic language???

    What version of Islam is Turkiye, supposedly democratic republic, promoting in Sri Lanka and other four continents in different languages : Is it Saudi Wahhabi, Shia, Sunnis, Nakshibendi (Erdogan-AKP’s version of Islam), Said Nursi, Talaban, etc???

    Is the whole thing being done by the approval and/or supervision of UN???

    More importantly, is the whole thing being done by the approval of Turkish Nation??? If not, is Erdogan-AKP government dragging Turkish Nation into potentially very costly conflicts with other countries, peoples of other religions, and the people of
    other versions of Islam???

    Turkiye is supposedly a democratic republic where basic human rights and freedoms especially freedom of and right to religion are supposedly respected equally and unconditionally. Why then, is Democratic Republic of Turkiye promoting Islam, and what
    version of Islam???

    Is Turkiye, supposedly a democratic republic, taking a stance against Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Buddha, etc., and with what purpose???

    The Democratic Republic of Turkiye via its Radio and TV network (TRT) and others owned and operated by companies are brain-washing citizens with Islamic and Ottoman propaganda day in, day out.

    Where is the money coming from for this undemocratic effort violating basic human rights and freedoms, and has a very high potential risk for disturbing the peace in Sri Lanka, and in the 4 continents???

    In Turkiye, nearly half of the people is at or below poverty level;

    + Unemployment and inflation rates are hovering around 13 percent;

    + Around 6.1 million adults have no jobs; 18 out of 100 workers have no insurance; top number 5 in 2018 Bloomberg poverty index;

    + Unemployment among university graduates is 20 percent;

    + 10,000+ are homeless in Istanbul alone (40% are women) as of 05 Jan. 2015;

    + External Debt is 52% of GDP as of 7 January 2018;

    + Per capita income is $10,862.6 per year;

    + Erdogan-AKP mafia turns around gives away $18.4B (in another account $21B) in last 3 years as aid to others actually Turkish citizens desperately need.

    + Good education (scientific and secular education) is unavailable to the poor, and "Free elections are now a dream" for now.

    + Some 38 percent of children in Turkey lived in households suffering from severe material deprivation in 2016.

    + The total number of child workers, aged 15-17, were 708,000 in 2016, 2 million according to another account.

    + 483 thousand children are married, 440 thousands children gave birth to their own children.

    + Economist Russell Napier: Turkey's bankruptcy has just started, TL will plunge, won't be able to pay $400 billion debt.



    25 May 2018 Friday

    5,000 Qurans distributed in Sri Lanka

    Turkiye Diyanet Foundation to hand out 55,000 Qurans in 4 continents in different languages

    World Bulletin / News Desk

    A foundation linked to Turkey’s religious authority distributed 5,000 copies of the Quran to Muslims in Sri Lanka.

    Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) handed out the copies during ceremonies held at mosques in the towns of Kinniya, Kandy, Trincomalee, and Batticaloa.

    TDV official in Sri Lanka Mikail Colak said the distribution of the Quran translated into the local Tamil language began three days ago.

    “Muslims here show great respect for our nation. They are very happy to see us here,” Colak said.

    He also thanked the people who donated to the project and said the Muslim holy book would be translated into many different languages in the future.

    Previously, Deputy head of TDV Abdurrahman Cetin said the foundation will give 55,000 Qurans to Muslims in Sri Lanka, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Haiti, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kazakhstan, the Nakhchivan
    Autonomous Republic, Syria, and Kenya.

    Currently, translations are available in the Turkish, French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Kazakh, Azeri, Chewa, Tamil, and Kurdish languages.

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