• Remembering Napoleone Buonaparte

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    May 5 marks the 197th anniversary of his death. Because of his
    failure, Europe is still a work-in-progress.

    Napoleon was viewed with mixed feelings by young and old European
    patriots--he had failed to form a European Federation, and had
    abandoned republicanism for his imperial ambitions.

    The young Giuseppe Cesare Abba was one of the original Thousand
    who embarked from Quarto on 5 May 1860. The following is the 5 May
    entry from his Diary "Da Quarto al Volturno."


    "Strana coincidenza di date! Partiremo stasera. Chi fra quanto siamo
    qui non ripensa che oggi รจ l'anniversario della morte di Napoleone?"
    [Strange coincidence of dates! We embark this evening. Who among
    all of us here does not remember that today is the anniversary of
    Napoleon's death.]

    A scanned copy is at


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