• Erdogan is right about the DUTCH FAILING TO PREVENT SREBNERICA

    From Kuyuk@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 14 22:54:05 2017
    Erdogan is 100 per cent correct when he says Dutch helped to the
    genocide of Bosnian Muslims by Serb Forces. Dutch could have prevented
    it. They did not. They did not act because of religiously biased
    approach to the problem. Danish are the same.

    United Nations employs forces from these two nations, whenever there is
    a conflict between parties who differ in their religious position.

    Both Dutch and Danish Forces always take on the side of Christian party.

    In Srebrenica Dutch forces knew about the movements of Serbs before the massacre. They had every means of stopping it. THEY SIMPLY IGNORED IT.

    United Nations investigation was not done justly and thoroughly.
    Therefore it was also a cover up.

    It is double standards and hypocrisy.

    This is why we have Islamic terrorism; this is why radical Islam is
    growing by the minute.

    As long as there are these biased judgements in the international arena,
    there will be more radicalism.

    West should learn this.

    However Erdogan is another fake politician, another hypocrite.

    Why did he not bring this to The United Nations before , why did his
    cronies, Qatar, Saudi Arabian leaders not questioned these actions ?

    Because as long as their personal fortunes and gains are not affected,
    they would not care who gets beheaded or bombed. The Turkish Government
    and The Gulf Nations and Saudis have the most corrupt governments.

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