• ‘What happens to us?’ Why Sweden is so worried about the Trump admi

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    Sounds to me like the Swedes have become like those
    ultraspecialized "niche" animals ... say like koala bears
    that'll only eat eucalyptus leaves (and only one KIND of
    them too). They've adapted to make the very most of
    their ecological niche - but that's also made them hostage
    to it as well. Even a tiny shift in the environment and they
    all perish.

    And Trump IS gonna shift the environment.

    There's something to be said for being a rat or cockroach -
    will not the most effecient they can live and multiply under
    almost every condition.

    Swedes are smart. They need to run through a lot of
    "what if" scenerios - "What if America does THIS ?"
    "What if America does THAT ?" - and make some
    adjustments to their business/financial models and
    alliances so they will not be devastated by any of
    those "What If's". They need to do it NOW. Trump
    is not a fan of putting things off.

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