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    “Jacob Blake's family speaks about police shooting: 'He was not treated like a human'
    Samantha Kubota and Scott Stump
    TODAY•August 26, 2020
    The sister of the Black man shot seven times in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said her brother was "not treated like a human" by authorities as her family pleaded for peaceful protests on Tuesday.
    The appeal from the family of Jacob Blake, 29, came before two people were shot and killed and another was injured by gunfire shortly before midnight on the third day of protests, according to Kenosha police.”

    Let the Blake Family say what they must say and do what they must do. Jacob’s problem is All Black American Problem—Submission to Slavery. Slavery is Standing over Every Black Man’s Grave crying for Revenge. Do Evil to Evil to break through!!
    Although “Jacob” is a Jewish name that does not mean Jacob Blake is a Jew and he would never be a Jew unless his mother is a Jew with Special DNA. Jacob Blake is a Black American.
    During these days, to win the election by the Jew Dynasty, Donald Trump must intimidate Black Americans so they would not vote. Willy Lynch “How to Make a Slave” would want to douse a strong Black Slave with Gasoline, tie his two legs to two horses
    and ignite the Black Slave so that the horses would split him into two pieces, Females and Males would have to submit!!
    Killing of Black Americans is a Modus Operando for Perpetuating Slavery by having the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis rule the American Nation.

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