• 1008. Manipulating legislative

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    1008. Manipulating legislative (3/9/2018)

    My wife, my brother and his wife will have a travel to China and Taiwan in late March. Of course, I think it is arranged by the Feds(FBI and DEA), and a framed case will happen at that time.

    They will leave on 3/17. My wife will be back on 3/31. My brother and his wife will stay longer in China. Something big will take place during their travel. I also noticed a coincidence. Their leaving date is signaled by "Taiwan Travel Act" effects one
    day before.

    [quote]Unless vetoed, Taiwan Travel Act to take effect by March 16
    March 6, 2018

    Washington, March 5 (CNA) /The Taiwan Travel Act, which promotes meetings and visits between high-ranking American and Taiwanese government officials, is expected to take effect by March 16 unless it is vetoed by U.S. president Donald Trump.

    https://chinapost.nownews.com/20180306-247956 [/quote]

    Last year when my wife was arranged a tour there also was a travel rule went effect one day before her leaving. I wrote in "979. September 2nd is action date (8/31/2017)"

    [quote] US bans travel to North Korea beginning September 1, says Americans should leave
    Thomson Reuters YEGANEH TORBATI Aug 3rd 2017 6:01AM

    https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/08/03/us-bans-travel-to-north-korea-beginning-september-1-says-americans-should-leave/23062831/ [/quote]

    And in "980. Korea war crisis used as distract (9/6/2017)",

    "9/1, US bans US citizen travel to N. Korea.

    9/2, my wife left for Canada. I warned 9/2 might be action day and followed with war on Korea.

    9/3, N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb. N. Korea did their job to the secret deal but Trump did nothing to react. Because the main target - Kat Sung, is still alive."

    These two events prove "eliminating Kat Sung" is a very serious case for the Feds(FBI and DEA). They had a starting signal for each project when it relates to foreign countries. It also proves what I said, that US is ruled by the Feds. They could easily
    get legislative rule to help their project. That's why Trump brags "I'm unbeatable" and threatens Hillary Clinton "You'd be in jail" in president election campaign.

    1009. Something big will happen this March (3/14/2018)

    The elimination of Kat Sung's plot moves up. On 3/12, I was once blocked to post #1008. They don't want people to know my prediction. Then my wife suddenly changed her leaving date from 3/17 to 3/14.

    The purpose to arrange travel for my relatives is part of elimination plot. It is easy to create incidents in tour to kill or easy to plant drugs to frame a case on victims in their tour.

    The distraction events will be big. It could be:

    1. War. Likely in Mid-east, Syria or Iran. The firing of Rex Tillerson may relate to it.

    2. Economic disaster. There could be a collapse in stock market and financial area and currency market in late March.

    3. Natural disaster. Especially earthquake.

    In February, the Feds attack my house with acoustic weapon. I felt unusual warmth. It's winter time so is hard to be noticed unless people keep alert at it. What I worried is at that time, there was cracking sound of house structure everyday. I think the
    Feds were damaging the wooden structure of my house by resonance so when there is an earthquake, there could be a house damage with which they can carry on a search. There were many attempts recently: by cleaning Ivy in garden; moving trees; utility
    under ground pipes; attempt to damage garage door.....

    [quote] Powerful 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico

    Carla Herreria,HuffPost• February 17, 2018

    It's eye-catching in Taiwan where my wife will go:

    [quote] Magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks Taiwan
    Wed February 7, 2018


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