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    Pete Bennett
    Dec 4, 2019
    CHP California Highway Patrol Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was not killed by Christopher Boone Lacy he was killed by a snipper
    if go back and look at the ballistic they don't match https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxPVKxYjxpw

    Gary Webb who I talked with several times, and Attorney Daniel Horowitz who I called after a Danville Building Inspector nearly killed me in 2004

    Pete Bennett
    July 10, 2018 ·
    CHP Kenyon Youngs met with me several times in regards to long running drama around me.

    When you get pulled over - make life easier for the officers - put hands on the wheel and before you move for perhaps your registration. I once had officer Lombardi (Arrested/Jailed) hold me a gunpoint. Kenyon was killed in early September 2012.

    Pete Bennett
    July 8, 2018 ·
    I knew Officer Kenyon Youngstrom i use to date his wife, a father, helluva nice guy helping me, I knew Officer Foley, again nice guy and I have known Commander Wielsch since 1981 - I helped put him in jail. There is no truth around Contra Costa

    terrorists Pete Bennett from Walnut Creek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuYzJN55eiI&pbjreload=10
    1666 n main st

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeOHnNnIyJM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCvIC-gqiWY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxPVKxYjxpw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey9P309V4dY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfFQQenOikE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PePZ1gIOnk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8XNMli2Sfs

    Pete Bennett
    June 27, 2018 ·

    a judge, several attorneys and a slew of police officers came after me. the FBI made several arrests. My attorneys have been attacked, beaten and torched

    Officer Kenyon Youngstrom spent several hours working with me during March 2012. By September he was dead.

    What really pissed me off is when I realized the width and depth of the Forensic Medical Group Conspiracy who conducted on Sarah, Jineva, Susan, Mike, Nate, Robert, and Officer Kenyon Youngstrom. The last two leads to a Gary Webb who I talked with
    several times, and Attorney Daniel Horowitz who I called after a Danville Building Inspector nearly killed me in 2004.

    Officer Lunger found me after a local event.

    The last one is the wife of my attorney from 2004 after he son died in the county jail. I was there on Dec 2, 2017 sitting in the same holding cell where Joseph Beheil committed suicide.

    As the 4th of July comes toward us this will mark the seventh year without my sons. I know how this was done, I know the DA's Mormon brother, Alamo 1st Mormons, Danville Stake, and how the brother of Murder victim Alicia Driscoll stole millions from the

    You want marginal proof - In 2000, I developed for Contra Costa County the Telephone Billing system. When murder victim Eiko Sugihara was burned alive in Lafayette. I knew the following number was NOT A MURDER TIP LINE.

    Pete Bennett
    September 17, 2016 · Walnut Creek ·
    Research Update: I know many will disagree with this but the deaths of relatives sound like just like Jonestown - I have long history really bizarre incidents. On the last pic for today. L to R Concord CA Attorney Mark Coon SUICIDE CHP officer Kenyon
    Youngstrom - murdered by someone my programming friends know - Normal programmer shoot officer?
    Jineva Driscoll and SPC James Coon.

    Then a SFPD officer who is known to then Mayor Feinstein in 1988. My next round of pictures weaves Feinstein and Blum into numerous murder incidents near Clinton, Buffet, CPUC President Peevey. Howard Golub and his brother Joel former judge know all the
    officers now in prison.

    In August 2004, I told a sitting superior court judge that my truck exploded NB 680, I also told numerous police officers, Sgt and Lts etc.

    I was within seconds of being burned alive - in 2014 by friend crashed who was trapped then the car caught on fire.

    Gov. Brown, Clinton and downstream are too close to my story.

    My current FB Masthead reflects how my phone was hacked during a call to the Benghazi Committee. During my research with PG&E and the data coming Pulse Nightclub shooting revealed G4S Global Solutions or simply G4S.

    G4S defends Metcalf Station - sniper
    G4S contracted to the Department of State
    G4S software is managed by Accenture with contracts with DoS, DoD and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

    G4S has contracts with Starbucks

    During a meeting with Officer Kenyon Youngstrom a woman was filming us -

    By September 6, he was dead.

    1)Other Officers Down near Pete Bennett
    2)Officer Ray Giacomelli - killed Bennett's employee
    3)Office Ervin Romans - OPD - member of Community Press Church Danville
    4)Sgt. Paul Starzck - Nice guy, always chatty and friendly
    5) Officer John Kelly - dubious suicide investigated by ACSO Scott Dudek who investigated the Scherer Murders in 2009 - The Kelly story leads to PI Chris Butler, Norman Weislch, Lombardi and the former Cub Scout parent Stephen Tanabe (all four suspects
    in the numerous attempts on my life), all four arrested and jailed by FBI agents working on the incidents dating from 1979 forward.
    6)Sgt Scott Lunger - found me after I spoke at City Hall meeting

    7) Officer Kenyon Youngstrom
    8) Deputy Carlos Francies who got me out the county jail early before they killed me. We talked in the Lobby while waiting for my ride home.
    9) Officer Foley from Concord hi by bus in Santa Rita Jail
    BART retired Robert Seymour and his wife

    Aladdin Bail Bonds - the saviour
    These guys were great, they suspected I was going to be killed in the County Jail just a few days after I played on stage at Vinnies.

    The Bremer Coroners Inquest
    After learning of Dave's jail murder I attended the inquest where the process is 12 Jurors selected by jury tampering. A jury clearly looking like county employees or union goons.

    The Missing Witnesses and the impaneled jury
    This particular Coroners Inquest became the subject of a Federal Grand Jury as I knew Feds were in the room.

    Deputy Francies was a CERT Jail Deputy as first responder he could have attended Dave's incident who actually died in the ER.

    Dr. William Walker was unceremoniously replaced as head of the Contra Costa Plan - Dr. Walker was the main obstacle with events around the 2005 near fatal poisoning, where I had kidney failure, torpedo puke and near 103 to 105 fever sustained for 18

    Dr. Walker is cousin to my former date Alicia Driscoll and her precious daughter found murdered in Sonoma CA in June 2005.

    In 2014, State Bill SB-535 Authored by BIll Quirk with the help of Investigator Cynthia Harbison formerly of Walnut Creek Police. When she my call about the missed playdate picnic it was clear my name was already in the file due to the email exchanges
    and phone calls.

    Sadly - when I called FBI Agent Ken Karch about the five dead relatives he was close to tears.

    these fuckers threw everything at me, arrests, beatings, arson, fire, assaults and fraud.

    The hardest parts is my sons will never get the planned and funded College Education but at least they are alive.

    The 2008 Butte County Fire called #humboldtroad raced up to Paradise CA where my sons were living.

    District Attorney Mark Peterson is likely facing indictment as his offices covered up the murders of police officers, inmates, public officials and suspects.

    Trust me on this - We share far too many victims. I am not alone but in order to survive the oppressive tide of corruption I have to tell officers to put down their guns pointed at me.

    That has happened in Pittsburg, Danville Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill and Orinda plus Chico, Oroville / Butte

    When I was pulled over the computer systems stated i was considered to possilby armed as I've already shot back when suspects arrived to rob me in my former shop.

    My life is really Police Reports R-us, and fuck you after 100 reports why are you calling again?

    We'll shit Tonto with the badge because it keeps happening.

    ‎Pete Bennett‎ to Lydie Denier
    March 1, 2017 ·
    Holy Smoke - I worked for USOS Tauscher in 1995, she's known me since 1983, I've appeared on CNN, ABC, and PBS discussing jobs and Ellen knows all about my truck exploding NB 680 just a few miles from Alamo House but seven days before Ambassador Stevens
    death - CHP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was killed just over the small hills next to Tauscher's residence.

    Someone sent her and Clinton a message. in 1973 one of my classmates father was the one of the Watergate Burglars. The FBI told me my story is bigger that the Clinton Murders.

    Google these terms
    #pgewitness #homelessHomicides #mormonmuders


    Former Chevron CEO knows Bill Tauscher, so likely knows Elle, I know all of them but not more than business but they KNOW WHO I am and are afraid of me in regards to what I know>

    OREILLY's daughter babysat my sons, I lived near his Alamo residence and his employees are Mormons who are very close to my truck explosion but type of explosion accellerant could easily been a Chevron Lubricant.


    Follow me on Twitter: @petercbennett where I'll include ATF, FBI, NTSB, FERC and Potus.

    I don't believe for a second the DOS story on Benghazi. Someone let it happen.

    Dig up this DA Inspector Iraqi Freedom History and the death of SPC James Coon KIA by sniper in Balad - he was motor pool and I think he was under the command of Driscoll who was in control of the detention centers. His sister was murdered and his
    brother Joe Driscoll was driving a tractor that killed five on a Kinder Morgan Pipeline that was once owned by ENRON and before that Southern Pacific who way back in 1989 during Bennett v. Southern Pacific killed my witness.

    There are five decades of details from Oil, to Kennedy and my family to Prescott Bush and my grandfather to Larry Silverstein purchasing 140 Broadway NY NY a few months after my Grandmother - my best theory is my family had an interest that building
    which was likely funded, built with funds from my family.and stolen.

    Sounds crazy but you want Justice for Stevens and I've several who went to school with him Piedmont, his brother is judge that likely knows the Judge from Walnut Creek that took my license in 2004 and whose brother speaks at the Milken Institute. I have
    a broad history once worth millions whose survived numerous attempts on my life.

    Pete Bennett shared a memory.
    January 2, 2016 ·
    The mayhem near me. I met with Officer Youngstrom at N. Main Starbucks 1871 N Main St · (925) 979-0083 in March 2012, at one meeting a woman with a purse camera was filming us. Months later another CHP officer arrived attempting to dissuade my
    allegations that my truck exploded, the story they don't want to talk about is Kenyon donated his organs. He was killed by a LINUX programmer known to friends of mine.

    he died from a clean shot. Chris Lacey was packing (Allegedly), at close range a pistol is not a clean shot. This guy was one nicest cops I'd ever met.

    More coming on www.starbucks.com and follow this link to my current blo

    Why I've taking on many dangerous issues.
    In 2004 my truck explodes via arson, police arrive stating it's not arson, truck is damaged but survived because instead of put putting at 60, I did a foot stomping 90 mph + gas engine colonic.

    That officer resurfaced in Fall 2012 weeks after CHP Officer Youngstrom was shot and killed on 680. Youngstrom was researching the 2004 Arson.

    Kenyon was funny, nice and took the time to hear my story during his break. Now CHP wants to run from three separate internal affairs investigations they derailed between 2012 and last August.

    We need a National Standdown before this gets out of control. I have a slightly different perspective of what happened. Few know this but the shooter Chris Lacey was a US Programmer being jerked around via fake job interviews for recertification of the H-
    1b visa. In 2004 I was appearing on TV around the world (CNN, ABC and WSJ) by 2005 I was nearly dead from poison.

    I am posting to my LinkedIN profile deeper information on what happened to me and other programmers now deceased.

    In this story I consider my story very lucky - I lived - five weeks later WCPD killed my Starbucks coffee friend Anthony Banta Jr. This post is for Youngstrom

    By walnut creek pete bennett, my friend for 12 years and have dated for 2 years
    NBC BAY AREA melissa colorado interviewed me on live
    TV at peet's coffee about Walnut Creek police are searching for two suspects after an armed
    robbery turned into a shooting Sunday night. Melissa Colorado reports

    Pete Bennett running down n main st walnut creek naked at 12:01 am 01/01/2019 yelling HAPPY NEW YEAR the cops took him away as a 5150 for the 60th time
    you can see this video on the web.

    12/04/2019 I Pete Bennett On I-680 In Walnut Creek He Was NAKED yelling at cars
    680news eastbaycanews

    from Walnut Creek - Pete Bennett
    On Wedsday 12/08/2019 I Was preparing documents for the Thursday bankruptcy hearing when I was attacked in the walnut creek library if you were sitting behind me you can see the documents that I was working on by 2 in the afternoon i was in the hospital.
    got out by 6am Thursday To go meet with PG&E Attorneys katie rosoff , tali leinwand, sarah norman,dara levinson, that i'm very good friends with and have dated at the San Francisco bankruptcy hearing on Thursday but could not get in besause they paid off
    to physical attack me by somebody that definitely was a police officer giving away was able to wrap his arms around my neck and nearly choked me to death but I am positive now based on the amount of blowback I've received from the Walnut Creek bomb squad
    that they are definitely involved and in this and the sniper attack explosions and probably
    the murderer of my girlfriend in connection to a separate explosion. Another simply paranoia moment or I can definitely prove to you that a little girl 5 years old had her head blown off so you can have gas in your car in San Jose.

    i know scott dyleski he DID not kill pamela vitail he call me oct 5th and we went fishing that day at lafayette reservoir until 4pm then we went to mcdonalds until 6pm.
    Scott Dyleski Wrongfully Convicted for the murder of Pamela Vitale. https://www.cnetscandal.com/2017/11/free-scott-dyleski-perfectly.html

    I have postings with tags like The SERIAL ARSONIST http://cnetscandal.blogspot.com/search/label/%23ArsonNetwork

    Dead Witnesses

    Dead Litigants

    It gets personal as I knew Berkeley Fireman Tony Nunes quite well. so why he did not know you
    His friend Bat Chief John Riley died in the Oakland Fire.

    The Kim brother that's been a friend in the 80s was almost killed in the Parkwoods that exploded behind him in the
    Oakland Firestorm in 1991. I found videos posted showing Parkwoods burning to the ground as he's leaving.

    How does one class get ensnared two of three deadliest fires? They don't they are being targeted like I've been tageted.

    Dig in and read.

    LinkedIN: petercarverbennett
    FB: petercarverbennett

    I have lost everything, my family, houses, assets and my sons in connection to the
    Police Scandal in the East Bay now six years old.

    I have beaten many times but I have been broken, there is a difference.

    I first appeared on CNN during I first appeared on CNN during September 2002 talking
    about the downturn in tech jobs. By 2004 I was being attacked nearly killed in my
    house my truck exploded and the pipeline blew up in Walnut Creek and then a lovely
    person named Alicia Driscoll and her daughter wanted to have a picnic in the backyard with my two sons. Just before that someone came up behind us on 680 tried
    to flip my truck and trailer with the boys inside. Alicia was murdered in June of 2005,
    I was in the hospital dying with poison in November 2005 and one of the key witnesses
    to the pipeline explosion died of multiple organ failure in early 50s. Ellen Sabudaquria
    what is a key Witness died just before Christmas saw the man running on fire and jump
    into the pool at Los Lomas. By my count more than 5 Las Lomas students have been
    killed there is likely multiple witnesses that were high school students.

    This is what happens when you stand up for your country .

    In my story several of the commissioners looked the other way when I was attacked, beaten and left for dead in my house back in 2004.WALNUT CREEK CA -- For nearly ten years no one believed me about events that
    a large scale fraud operation was centered in Contra Costa County complete with all the resources and cover needed to run a covert operation.

    In 2004 my truck explodes - A motorcycle officer arrives saying you we're burned alive,

    Pete Bennett Truck Explodes and Lou Dobbs' takes a bullet

    Ask Pete, his relatives committed suicide so did his girlfriend

    Pete Bennett 2005 My Truck Explodes from a bomb on the gas tank @
    680/580 Dublin my sons and i were nearly killed but were blow away 150"

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