• The Horror and The Fear: A World Effect

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    On Thursday, 13 September 2001 09:47:30 UTC+7, Alpha Prime wrote:
    I am most deeply greived. Hundreds have died, an
    d doubtless many more are starving, suffocating,
    and praying beneath the rubble. I'm writing this
    to address some of the more "inflammatory" iss
    ues that strike me as extremely dangerous if
    left to simmer.

    1. Domestic Repercussions:

    The bottom line at this point is that we do not know
    who did it. This fact notwithstanding, the government
    appears to be working under the assumption that the
    motive for this attack was religious. not many causes
    can get a man to exterminate innocent civilians, and
    even the cruelest murderer does not wish to take his
    own life as well. Would anti-globalization activists
    kill themselves? Would they butcher others? I don't
    know, but it appears not. Of course there are many other
    possibilities, but i lack space and time to consider them

    One thing is for sure. We -must- not jump to the
    more-than-slightly-evil conclusion that this was
    the act of Arabs. More hatred has been poured out
    onto this group in the past 36 hours than I have
    ever seen before. We can't allow out judgement to
    be clouded agains them, just as we can't allow
    ourselves to negate the possibility that it was,
    in fact, Islamic militants who carried out the attack.

    Let's not be evil to our fellow Americans, most of all
    . Whatever their creed, 99.999% are just like you and
    me. There has been enough Violence and Recrimination

    2. International (Middle Eastern) Repercussions

    I'm not going to address the Afghanistan situation, for
    I know little about it. However, the Palestinian angle
    has been extremely disturbing and acutely close to home
    for me. I have seen the way the Palestinians are treated.
    It is a travesty of justice that they live in the way they do.
    But that is not the fault of Israeli occupation! Naturally,
    being occupied by a foreign country, however benign, is
    hardly pleasant, but most of the strife appears to be internal.
    "Palestine" as I am loathe to call it, has no way to support its
    own population. Reliance on Israel for employment, water supply,
    and other essentials would have had the effect of enriching the
    Palestinian's semi-autonomous economy. However, the evil and
    corrupt demagouges, who are truly responsible for this poor
    and impressionable people's dangerous attacks on civilians,
    really force security measures, akin to sanctions and military
    action to occur. This hurts the situation worse. But we all
    know that a unilateral withdrawl of the occupation from the
    West Bank and Gaza would be the end of the State of Israel.
    The government has no choice but to step on many toes of
    the world to save innocent lives.

    We would have taken out the airliners, had we the warning.
    Israel stops the bloody demonstraters, before they rip
    the populace to shreds, as we have seen them do.

    But it is too sad to discuss these things tonight. We have to
    get past the buisness of sifting through the wreckage first.
    It will be a long night, and for many unfortunate victims, the last
    Beneath the rubble they don't know who can hear them, and we who hear
    them don't know if they can be saved.

    Good Night.

    Alpha Prime

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