• Was Sunday Times bombed by sci-fi story?

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    Dool Tracy wrote:

    The issue here is not whether these 'ethno' weapons can be successfully developed

    -although with the success of the human genome project and similar improvements
    in our understanding human genetics the development of these weapons become more and more plausible -

    Actually, genome research is making it *less and less* plausible.

    but the fact that the state of Israel is - pursuing the development of weapon
    mass destruction based on the genetic make up of one ethnic group. This is not
    only morally repugnant, but also a cause of concern to the world community.

    Except that it's not a fact; it's a crazy theory with no backing
    Omri Schwarz
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    - so I became a scientist. This is like becoming an archbishop so
    you can meet girls." -- M. Cartmill

    I think it's in both your interest and also mine, that we all condemn this type of warfare and even research into it. For it would not take much real proof, however ardently you may believe it to not exist, in order to provoke a response that would
    surely be the last holocaust to befall the Jewish people. When you are playing with such a flame, the only possible outcome is self immolation.

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