• Trump's withdrawal of WTO.

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    1059. Withdraw from WTO (2/2/2019)

    In 2001, the Feds(FBI and DEA) and Chinese secret police made a secret deal. Chinese secret police smuggled Heroine to US to frame Kat Sung in a drug case, the payment was to get hosting of 2008 Olympic Games and the membership of WTO.

    The timing table of that case:

    4/1/2001 US EP-3 spy plane collided with Chinese fighter and landed in Hainang Island.

    4/11/2001 Crew of spy plane released. It was a case created to justify that secret deal.

    4/11/2001 Skolnick wrote his “RED CHINESE GET BIG BUCKS IN SECRET HOSTAGE DEALS”.

    I found it was about to frame a “Heroin smuggling case”, not for hostage releasing. Combined with the article “killing Pablo”, I thought the Feds must have plotted a big drug case on me. My drive license was expired in May, 2001. I was afraid the
    Feds might frame me in a case with that drive license and didn't renew it.

    5/11/2001 Original planned execution date of Timothy McVeigh. Since I didn't mail the renew letter to DMV, They postpone the execution date of McVeigh. (That could be the planed exploded date of drug case)

    6/11/2001 McVeigh executed.

    9/11/2001 WTC were attacked by hijacked planes. "Terrorist" Atta's drive license was found as evidence.

    Same month in September, China got the hosting of 2008 Olympic Games and the membership of WTO.

    Years later, I realized how serious that secret deal hurt the US. The Feds must have realized it too. So they have a man of their own to be president to correct that mistake. That's why Trump has a big trade war against China and we also see this odd

    [quote]Trump threatens to withdraw from World Trade Organization
    AUG 30 2018 •

    If the World Trade Organization doesn’t “shape up,” President Donald Trump told Bloomberg he would pull the United States out.


    But is it too late?

    It's an interesting story: http://katsung.forumotion.com/t6-from-ep-3-spy-plane-to-911-attack


    885. Huge payment to China and internet harassment (2/28/2015)

    On April 1, 2001, an US EP-3 spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet and landed in Hainan Island. 24 crew members were released on April 11, 2001.

    On same day, Mr. Sherman H. Skolnick wrote an article "RED CHINESE GET BIG BUCKS IN SECRET HOSTAGE DEALS". He revealed a huge ransom has been paid to China by the US.

    by Sherman H. Skolnick 04/11/01

    The Red Chinese are to get massive funds and terms in the secret deals brokered by Federal Reserve Commissar Alan Greenspan. ......

    ===For use by the Beijing government, the Federal Reserve agreed to transfer to a neutral designated country, as a neutral depository or escrow agent, 40 Billion dollars in U.S. credits, assets, gold bullion, and currencies, both U.S. and foreign. Title
    of this is to be conveyed to mainland China sovereignty upon the safe release of the U.S. hostages.

    .............. [/quote]

    Obviously S.SKOLNICK was an insider of the intelligence so he could quickly access to the internal information. Of course he could not release the truth of the deal and had to pack it with a lot of unrelated material and cover up information to confuse
    the outsiders. It took me years to find the truth. Skolnick was dead five years later in 2006. I think he was murdered for that article even though he was an insider. This article now was not available in Internet as it was in earlier years. I was lucky
    to save it in my memory.

    Three days ago, when I wrote #884 to quote the content of that article, the window became blank and the USB lost its function. The agent who monitor on my computer disabled it. I had to use another computer (not accessed to internet) to unload the USB,
    then copy it word by word. When I wrote this article(#885), the window system is harassed again and I have to re-write it in notebook. It only proves my analysis on Skolnick's article is very correct, the Feds are afraid of it.

    886. The real payment is to be member of WTO (3/7/2015)

    At first, I was puzzled at Skolnick’s quotation of payment - “40 Billion dollars in U.S. credits, assets, gold bullion, and currencies, both U.S. and foreign.” It was more like a looting list of how the FBI and DEA rob people then a payment in
    secret deal. It was until several years later when the economy of China had a big leap forward. When the news reported its GDP passed over German….. then Japan…. Now becomes the second economic power of the world. I realized the real payment China
    demanded in that deal was to be the host of 2008 Olympic Game and the membership of the WTO.

    by Sherman H. Skolnick 04/11/01

    . That this embargo on data and press releases and public statements is to continue at least until one year after the expected Red China hosting of the International Olympics.

    The principal financial terms of the hostage release are not to be publicized for at least until after Red China successfully arranges hosting the International Olympics…… according to European and non-European intelligence sources.

    The penetration of the super-secret hostage settlements was aided by intelligence operatives with a background from France, Portugal, and Spain. [/quote]

    I was also puzzled by this statement in article for some time. EP-3 spy plane case was a sheer business between China and US. Why other intelligences were involved? Now I know, to complete Chinese demand, US needed votes in Olympic Game Commission as
    well in organization of WTO.

    Probably for this reason, Skolnick wrote this article. They could not seal the black box because too many countries joined the case. We outsiders thus know there was a secret deal.

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