From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Fri Oct 27 03:04:05 2023
    Unprovoked offensive violence and terror can never be justified as religion nor the rule of law. Those who engage in it for whatever reason is engaged in falsehood and the world can never support such evil treachery which is like eating the fruit of a
    poison tree. The Palestinian people have been hijacked by terrorist organizations and their government supporters masquerading as freedom fighters and holymen when actually they are an evil force in the world because their cause is based on violence and
    irreligion not human reason and knowledge of anykind.

    There cannot be any peace when you advocate only violence. Violence is never a method for peace because violence can only be covered by a lie and falsehood which in turn can only be maintained by more violence. Therefore anyone who claims violence and
    terror as their method is forced to take the lie as their principle which is like eating the poison fruit of the poison tree of evil, darkness and irreligion.

    The reason for the Palestinian conflict is that all life is sacred being of the one family of the supreme father Creator. Therefore everyone must uproot the poison tree of violence and terror in their own lives and in the world once and for all.
    Otherwise they will continue to be part of the cause of continuing violence and terror not the solution. That is pure monotheism and the rule of all constitutional law.

    It is time to put the horse before the cart.

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