• 'Doxxing Truck' Circles Harvard After Unteachable Students Sign Pro-Pal

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    Even as some of the Harvard students who signed on to a letter
    placing the sole blame on Israel for the recent deadly attacks by
    Hamas took steps to distance themselves from the statement amid
    mushrooming backlash, a billboard truck began circling the streets
    surrounding the university’s campus on Wednesday, projecting the
    names and photos of signatories under a banner identifying them as “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.”

    The so-called “doxxing truck,” as The Harvard Crimson characterized
    it, was apparently organized by Accuracy In Media, a conservative
    media watchdog. The group’s president, Adam Guillette, took
    responsibility for the stunt on X, saying that his team was
    “removing the names of students from groups that withdrew but are
    also adding new names every hour.”

    The truck’s electronic billboard also displayed the URL of a website
    listing the names of students associated with organizations that had
    signed the letter, which was penned by Harvard’s Palestine
    Solidarity Groups and said it held “the Israeli regime entirely
    responsible for all unfolding violence.”

    More than 30 Harvard student groups signed the open letter, though
    at least eight had withdrawn their support and signatures by
    Wednesday, according to the Crimson. Several of them reported that
    not all members of their respective boards had seen the letter in
    its entirety before signing on.

    The website doxxing the signatories was one of at least four that
    published students’ personal information—not just names and photos,
    but in many cases also class years, hometowns, past places of
    employment, and links to their social media profiles.

    Palestine Solidarity Groups told the Crimson on Wednesday that the
    truck “actively threatens students safety on campus at a time when
    credible death threats have already forced us to postpone a
    solidarity vigil acknowledging all civilian victims.”

    “It is quite literally [a] physical threat, a heinous intimidation
    technique, a warning sign meant to scare ideological allies into
    repudiating our mission—and for the Jewish members of associations
    linked to our own, an unjustifiable and insulting slap in the face,”
    the statement continued.

    “The doxxing truck is the ugliest culmination of a campaign to
    silence pro-Palestinian activism that the PSC has experienced for

    A Harvard spokesperson previously confirmed that law enforcement
    authorities were aware of the online doxxing attempts, and that
    school officials were in contact with affected students and student organizations.

    Lawrence H. Summers, a former Harvard president, who previously
    condemned university leadership for failing to swiftly denounce the
    letter, called for an end to the threats. In a Wednesday tweet, he
    wrote, “I yield to no one in my revulsion at the statement
    apparently made on behalf of 30 plus @Harvard student groups. But
    please everybody take a deep breath.”

    “This is not a time where it is constructive to vilify individuals
    and I am sorry that it is happening,” he continued. “It is a time
    for absolute clarity that words or deeds that threaten the safety of
    others in our community will not be tolerated.”

    The letter’s publication on Saturday was met with near-universal
    outrage, with several CEOs calling for Harvard to release the full
    names of the student organizations’ members. “I would like to know
    so I know never to hire these people,” tweeted Jonathan Neman, CEO
    of restaurant chain Sweetgreen.

    https://www.thedailybeast.com/doxxing-truck-circles-harvard-after- students-sign-letter-blaming-israel-for-hamas-attacks

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