• Paradise fire and its plot

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    1051. Paradise fire was originally planed to act on 10/14 (12/8/2018)

    I am harassed to post in Internet. The processing of computer become very, very slow. And frequently the computer lost connection to Internet. I think the problem is what I said in #1050 was very true that "To wipe out the witnesses, all town were ruined.
    The time was at 6:30 when people were asleep. To justify the high death rate they said the fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute. Since they controlled the media, I think people will never know how many people died."

    I now allege the Feds planed a fire to eliminate me. The fire would be done by DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) It's quick and controllable. It's evident that the targeted houses and automobiles were burned severely while nearby trees were in much better
    conditions. Nobody in video said they saw fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute. With that speed and high temperature (that even melted aluminium wheels of the car), the surrounding trees wouldn't survive. It could be done only by high tech.

    On 10/14, PG&E cut off electricity to Paradise area. I noticed it and wrote:"1044. Shut off power supply to "prevent" fire (10/20/2018)". On 11/8, they still carried it out because it was a large scale plan. They wouldn't waste what they have done for
    the preparation work. In witness' video, you can see small fire in different spot along the road. (That's why they said fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute.) And collapsed electricity wire along road too. (a pre-prepared cover up work)

    1052. How the Feds frame a case (12/15/2018)

    I coulod hardly post in internet sites. I think the Feds have prepared a raid anytime recently.

    On December 12 near 2 o,clock, an Asian lady who wore a glass walked into the lane. She paced up and down and watched at my house for a while, then left. Soon, there came a car. Parked at the entrance of the lane, headed to my house. I was familiar to
    this deep grey car- a surveillance car of the Feds, often parks at same place to initimidate. I even talked about it at # "993. Thanks Giving day plot (11/29/2017)" (While I was alone after supper, I went to computer. The window faces the entrance of the
    lane. Sitting before the computer, I was alarmed by sharp light from window. It was from a car parking at lane, The lane was narrow. Rarely people would park their car on passage, let alone to ejecting light on other's window. Obviously it was an
    intimidation. "We are watching you." or "We come to arrest you". It was a provocation.) What was it going to do this time?
    Then that Asian lady appeared again and repeated what she had done before - paced up and down and watched at my house then left. The surveillance car left after that lady's leaving.

    A few minutes later, a "DHL" business van parked at cross street. That Asian lady appeared again to shake hands with the "DHL" driver. The performance was done at the entrance of the lane.

    This was not the first time I saw that lady. Sometime ago, she was with another lady at the entrance of the lane. Then in early October, I received a letter of AT&T which said AT&T "proposes to install equipment on street pole." At that time I allege it
    was a surveillance program of the Feds. That lady obviously is the living plant (as an illegal target) used by the Feds to apply for a search warrant.

    The coming of deep grey car was to take a picture with which they could apply for a warrant to extend surveillance to my house. That lady, of course, would follow the order from the Feds to repeat similar action twice before my house.

    1053. Government shutdown manipulation (12/22/2018)

    There was a crisis of government shutdown. It was resolved like this:

    [quote] Senate approves bill to keep government running into 2019

    Senators passed the measure, which would keep government running to Feb. 8, by voice vote without a roll call.


    I view it as a Feds oriented plot. Feb.5/2019 is Chinese New Years Day. My family members used to gather together to celebrate it. Feds also used to chose such date to carry on a raid. Why do they relate it to a government shutdown? Because that is a
    framed case, the Feds will kill many people because they are innocent. Some law enforcement officers and correctional officers may not be there to do the bail work. That's why the Feds used to frame a case on Friday, the jail won't do bail on week end. A
    shut down gives the Feds more time to commit murder while innocents are in custody.

    What surprises me is this morning's news(12/22) says Trump refusing to sign the budget because it doesn't include the fund to build a wall to the US-Mexico border. The abrupt action of Trump indicates how eagerly the Feds is to finish my case.They even
    can't wait to February - their original plan date. Today is 12/22. My family members have a dinner party for Christmas. I think that is the recent target of the Feds.

    One thing I'd like to remind people, the Feds used to activate big event to distract a big case. The distract case will be bigger than North California wild fire(Paradise fire) or Las Vegas mass shooting. And mass murder will take place.

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