• California wild fire was done by the Feds

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    1049. Paradise fire was done by the Feds (11/23/2018)

    Fearing the Feds to make arrest by claiming they found drug trace in garbage, I used to burn the withered leaves. I think the Feds created wildfires to justify an arrest. Last month (October) I wrote #1044, alleged the Feds would justify search and
    arrest by wildfire on 10/14. That day, PG&E strangely shut down the power supply to part of North California. I particularly noticed it because the Feds used to create big event on action day. 10/14 was the leaving date of my wife's Mid-east travel. Feds
    used to make arrest at check point at air terminal when they can legally search passengers. A recent news indicates they had prepared Paradise fire as early as in October.

    [quote]California fire: PG&E canceled planned power shut-off in Paradise area just before Camp fire broke out

    On Oct. 14, the company cautiously shut off power to some 60,000 Sierra foothills and North Bay customers, hoping to prevent any downed power lines from sparking a fire. On Nov. 6, PG&E again began warning 70,000 customers — including those in the town
    of Paradise — that it might flip the switch in the face of fire danger.


    This is exactly what I wrote one month ago:

    1044. Shut off power supply to "prevent" fire (10/20/2018)

    In #1041, I wrote that the Feds have made a plot in October. They arranged tours for my sisters and my wife. My wife's Mid East tour is from 10/14 to 10/28.
    As for me, I allege they would justify an arrest for "burning" yard trash. To make the arrest reasonable, they have created historical big wild fire in California. In Oct.15, I read a news:

    [quote]PG&E keeps nearly 60,000 Northern California customers in the dark to reduce wildfire risk
    Ashley May and Kristin Lam, USA TODAY Oct.15, 2018

    A utility company purposefully shut off electricity to nearly 60,000 Northern California customers Sunday night, aiming to reduce wildfire risks from power lines during extreme winds.


    It means California is in so dangerous situation that even PG&E shut off the power supply to 60,000 customers in advance to prevent a fire risk. My view is it proves my predict that the Feds created a case to frame me and my family in. The "Sunday night"
    was Oct.14 night. The time my wife left for her Mid-east tour.

    1050. A wildfire that not burn trees (12/1/2018)

    Here is a picture of Paradise after the fire. You can see Houses were burned into ashes, But trees remain green. By common sense, was it possible?



    To burn a house to the ground usual takes hours or days, that will affect nearby trees. Unless the houses were made by papers, (then they would have been burned in seconds or minutes). The picture shows a "fire" flashed through the town that only
    destroyed houses but left trees alone. I think the Feds were behind this tragedy. They planned this for a long time. To create a dry weather (see #1047 to 1049) and select Paradise as victim (see #1044). They finally carried it out on November 8 because
    it is rain season. They had made California a "no rain" land for too long time and wouldn't abandon it for doing nothing.

    To wipe out the witnesses, all town were ruined. The time was at 6:30 when people were asleep. To justify the high death rate they said the fire grew at about 80 football fields per minute. Since they controlled the media, I think people will never know
    how many people died.


    [quote]Emily Cragg - California Fires Directed Energy Weapons




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