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    Russia is made up of 84 regional entities – plus the territories they have invaded in Ukraine, which they recognize as their own. Many of these regions are populated by ethnic groups with a culture, religion and even language very different from the
    one spoken in Moscow.

    In many cases, we are talking about huge territories that have been marginalized by the Kremlin for centuries. Russia's hyper-centralism and lack of investment have left many areas with almost no infrastructure. The differences between the poorest and
    richest regions are much greater than in the European Union.

    Moreover, the Putin administration has contributed to exacerbating this problem: particularly after the invasion of Crimea in 2014, which took away a lot of resources that would otherwise have gone to the development of less prosperous regions. The war
    in Ukraine and the consequent increase in military spending in Russia is sure to make this problem even worse. Especially since many of these disadvantaged regions are making the greatest sacrifice in terms of soldiers killed. To what extent could the
    Ukrainian war lead to a wave of separatism in Ukraine? Could Russia become Balkanized? In this video we tell you.


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