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    You don't have to be expert to see how big the stock market bubble is. The top on chart was 20,100 two years ago, it's now well over 24,000.

    1028. Stock market bubble (7/8/2018)

    Another big bubble is the stock market. I think it is manipulated by the rich people who rule this country. To maintain the stock in high price until others to take it over, you have to pour money into the market. That's why Trump pushed out "tax reform

    [quote]Tax cut fuels record $200 billion stock buyback bonanza
    by Talib Visram June 5, 2018

    American companies announced a record $201.3 billion in stock buybacks and cash takeovers in May.

    That was a record number, topping the prior record of $172 billion in 2007, right before the start of the Great Recession.

    Howard Silverblatt of S&P Dow Jones Indices said that total buybacks and dividends for the past 12 months could top $1 trillion for the first time ever.


    The money returned to companies are used to boost stocks instead be invested to create jobs and boost wages. When a bill was passed, a deal between politicians and rich people has been made already.

    The next step is to create crisis in world to push the money flowing into US to take over the bubble.

    1029. High pressure with climbing interest rate (7/15/2018)

    Recently from #1024 to #1028, I revealed how the Feds manipulate the financial market that created two big bubbles. One is real estate bubble in San Jose and San Francisco area, the other one is the stock market bubble. To keep these two bubbles stay big,
    they let Federal Reserve to keep the bench mark interest rate as low as near zero. After eight years, Federal Reserve can't stay there any more. It's time to get business back to normal.

    As the 10 year treasury rate climbs to near 3%, the housing bubble and stock market bubble are facing popping off. That means the Feds will lose a money machine for my case. As usual, there is a push at the Feds.

    [quote]Trump: I wish I didn't pick Jeff Sessions
    Dylan Stableford,Yahoo News• May 30, 2018


    Here is the response of Sessions.

    [quote]U.S. to hire 311 new prosecutors in push against violent crime, drugs Reuters Reuters•June 4, 2018

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday the Justice Department was beefing up its fight against violent crime, drug use and illegal immigration by assigning 311 new prosecutors to work on the problems, the largest increase in decades.


    New recruited team likely will use the old tactic,

    [quote]Bay Area weather: Triple-digit temperatures possible again this weekend By MARK GOMEZ June 28, 2018

    For the second weekend in a row, temperatures across the Bay Area are expected to soar near the century mark Saturday.

    Thankfully, the heat won’t last long.


    I think so because that heat does last long until now (another two weeks from 6/27). I am afraid to be framed so dare not go for a shower and the heat won't go away too, seems waiting for my bathing.


    984. Trick to plant drug trace on victims (9/30/2017)

    In #979, I predicted 9/2 would be action day of the framed case (my wife started her Canada travel) and thereafter there would be a Korea war crisis to distract. Kim Jong-un did detonate a hydrogen bomb to the order, but there was no action on me. What

    I think the Feds planed to arrest me on 9/2. The excuse of arrest was "found drug trace on my body".

    How could they do that? I found in this way.

    8/12, my wife said she would have a tour to Canada. Next day was Sunday, someone dropped a San Jose Mercury News (local newspaper) at my door. Then for consecutive four weeks I received five Mercury News Sunday edition. That was from 8/13 to 9/10. My
    wife's travel period was from 9/2 to 9/9.

    I was a subscriber of San Jose Mercury News. I cancelled the subscription decades ago due to financial reason. I did pick up the first free Sunday paper to read. Then I thought of the harsh situation I am in. I didn't touch the free paper thereafter.

    Then there came an unusual heat wave. Here is quote from #980:

    [quote] "9/1 - 9/4 Unprecedented heat over San Jose area.

    September 2, 2017

    California’s history-making heat wave set new all-time records for the second day in a row.
    I have no air condition in my house. You can imagine in three digit temperature. What's there purpose, i don't know. To force the window open wide so leaked gas can get in? Or let hitter easy in when the door open wide?" [/quote]

    I think the purpose was to push me taking bath so they could collect drug trace from the sewage water they collected. The drug trace might be from polluted news paper or some other sources they deliberately planted.

    I hadn't taken bath in these sweating days.


    Pictures of free Sunday papers at the door.



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