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    Russian soldiers who die in the line of duty in Ukraine have all of their sins forgiven, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church proclaimed in a sermon, comparing their sacrificial death to that of Jesus.

    Kirill has characterized the war as part of a larger metaphysical struggle against an encroaching liberal West, which he depicts as demanding gay pride parades. He has echoed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s depiction of Ukraine as spiritually and
    politically tied to Russia through their common medieval roots.

    Moscow patriarch: Russian soldiers killed in line of duty will have sins absolved

    Real religion is based on the immediate knowledge of spiritual liberation of the eternal soul from bondage and illusion to the temporary material body of race and nationalism. Being absolved of sins does not require martyrdom nor going into war which is
    materialistic politics and not real religion. Being absolved of sins begins from this life never from death.

    Jesus never preached death over life. In fact, one of the commandments is "thou shalt not kill". Spiritual knowledge of the pure identity of the soul as being different from the sinful material body conditioned by lust for ethnicity and wealth is what
    Jesus teaches.

    Patriarch Kirill is a political figure that does not preach real religion but material bondage in the name of religion also known as cheating religion.

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