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    Two senior officials 'leave CIA'
    Two further top CIA officials from the organisation's clandestine unit
    are reported to have resigned.
    The intelligence officials, who are not named, are said to have held
    senior positions in the CIA's Directorate of Operations, the New York
    Times reports.

    The departures are the latest in a string of resignations following a >>shake-up in the agency's operations.

    The chief of the clandestine unit, Stephen Kappes, and his deputy,
    Michael Sulick, stepped down last week.

    The newspaper said the two officials could not be named, as they were >>working undercover, but quoted a former intelligence official
    describing them as two "very senior guys".

    Covert operations

    Their unit was responsible for recruiting foreign spies and conducting >>covert overseas operations.

    The two, who head operations in Europe and the Far East respectively,
    are reported to have stepped down because they did not feel
    comfortable with the new management.

    Their departures are the latest evidence of turmoil within the >>organisation, whose new head, Porter Goss, is reported to have clashed
    with long-serving senior officers.

    The Central Intelligence Agency was severely criticised by the 9/11 >>Commission for failing to pick up on signs that may have prevented the
    11 September 2001 attacks.

    In a massive overhaul of the agency, President George Bush has
    appointed Mr Goss to take over and instigated broad changes, including
    a doubling in the number of spies on the ground.

    He is also reported to have ordered an internal review into whether
    the Pentagon should take over CIA secret paramilitary operations.

    Story from BBC NEWS: >>http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/americas/4045507.stm

    Published: 2004/11/26 14:56:20 GMT


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