• 1020. Mass slaughter is a method to distract

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    1020. Mass slaughter is a method to distract (5/14/2018)

    I had alleged the Feds plotted a murder case on 8/3/2017 or so. A news later proves I'm very correct.

    "974. Prepare for a gas leaking (8/9/2017)

    On 8/3, a P.G.& E engineer truck drove in my lane. A worker changed the gas meter of my house ....... Three months ago P.G.& E had a commercial in TV Chinese channel to apologize for deaths caused by gas leaking explosion six years ago. Now they are in
    action. It can be an explosion murder or an unreasonable search in the name of gas leaking. "

    "976. Sessions and garage door (8/21/2017)

    On Aug. 3, a "Fed Express" cart roared into the lane, not for delivery, but turned around to drive out.
    Then came the PG&E engineer pick up to replace the gas meter of my house.

    I think they have two plans: 1. To create a gas leaking. 2. To damage newly installed garage door to force a replacement. I believe so because two days later, a US Mail cart rushed into the lane too. Both cars rushed in with high speed that caused large
    noise. That was not the way to move in small lane. As for why changed a mail car later? The "Fed Express" cart is too big and long, not easy to aim the target in a lane. The mail car is smaller and easy to carry out the impact mission."

    I also said something would happen on my wife's tour 10/2 to 10/18. That "something" was later found to be "LasVegas mass slaughter". It took place two hours before my wife's leaving. Shooting started at 22:10 Oct/1. My wife's flight took off on 0:55 Oct/

    "983.Earthquake, hurricane and defense budget (9/25/2017)

    The framed case is going on. My wife said she'll go another trip to Europe from 10/2 to 10/18. So something will happen at that time. ......"

    "985. Las Vegas shooting is a false flag (10/8/2017)

    Las Vegas mass slaughtering was a distraction case done by the Feds(FBI and DEA).

    I am the murder target of the Feds(FBI and DEA). ......."

    Here is the news proves my allegation is very correct. Stephen Paddock had prepared a mass shooting case for 8/3 too.


    booked one room at the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago, shich he was due to check into on August 1, and he booked a second room for check in on August 3, a law enforcement official told USA Today.

    Both rooms had a checkout date of August 6. The Lollapalooza music festival ran August 2-5 and takes place in Grant Park.

    http://www.newsweek.com/las-vegas-shooter-stephen-paddock-lollapalooza-chicago-678828?yptr=yahoo [/quote]

    1021. Trump's job - eliminate Kat Sung (5/21/2018)

    Two years ago, in (902. Trump's job) I concluded "The main job is to cover up the murder case - to kill Kat Sung, his relatives and people who know this story."

    3/10/2017 Trump Abruptly Ordered 46 Federal Prosecutors to Resign.

    5/9, Trump fired FBI Director Comey.(It proves Comey's story "Trump demands "loyal" ".
    Trump belongs to the Deep State.)

    8/2, Christopher Wray was sworn in as the Director of the FBI. (The deep state need someone to take the responsibility by approving the evil murder cases.)

    8/3, I found the Feds started main plot of "gas explosion" and "search by damaged house" intention.

    Here are three plots to murder my wife.

    (1) 8/31, I warned 9/2 could be action date and would be followed by Korea war to distract. (see #979)

    9/1, US bans US citizen travel to N. Korea. (Trump joins the plot)

    9/2 - 9/10, my wife left for Canada.

    9/3, N. Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb.(used as distraction) It was a planned distraction. N. Korea did their job to the secret deal but Trump did nothing to react. Because the main target - Kat Sung, is still alive.

    (2) 10/2 - 10/18 My wife go another trip to Europe.

    9/25 I wrote in "(983) So something will happen at that time."
    That "something" became "Las Vegas mass shooting". It was used as a distraction. It was a remedial case hurried done for 9/2 case. So there was a lot of flaws in this event.

    (3) 3/17 - 3/31 My wife and my brother were arranged a travel to Taiwan.

    3/16, A.G. Sessions fired FBI deputy McCabe. (An intimidation or a purge in FBI?)
    3/16, Donald Trump signs "Taiwan Travel Act.(again, Trump joins the case)
    3/17, my wife's original planed leaving date. Means the case starts.

    I predicted something big would happen in this case but nothing took place. I think that's because I had previously made some correct predictions. The Feds try to distract it.

    Here is another story that Trump use foreign affair in my case when I noticed he announced to withdraw from "Iran nuclear deal" on 5/8, not original 5/12.

    [quote] May 8, 2018, 10:45 PM
    Trump announces decision to "withdraw" from Iran nuclear deal

    https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/trump-iran-nuclear-deal-announcement-today-2018-05-08-live-stream-updates/ [/quote]

    The original plan: [quote] Trump Will Scrap Iran Deal On May 12 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-26/trump-will-scrap-iran-deal-may-12-report [/quote]

    Why did they change the time? On 5/7, Contractor came to my yard and replaced the fence. If the Feds created a case then they need something to distract. That's their routine job. see "1018. Frame a case by "replace fence" (4/30/2018)".

    475. The fired Federal Attorney and March plot (3/28/07)

    Kevin Ryan was fired (in the name of resignation) at the same time when Neigroponte lost his post of the National intelligence head. They were punished for failure to frame an innocent person in created crime. To cover up Ryan's forced resignation, other
    Federal Attorney became sacrifice. DOJ fired those whom were thought not loyal to Bush to make Ryan's resignation not so evident.

    Most of those fired issued a stiff defense of their conduct except Kevin Ryan. It could prove my allegation that they were sacrifice. Read the following news, you may understand better.

    Re: "S. F. prosecutor's firing unchallenged
    Howard Mintz
    Mercury News March 21, 2007

    Despite all the controversy surrounding the firing of eight US attorneys, the release of thousands of pages of internal Justice Department documents shows there has not been much protest over the ouster of San Francisco US Attorney Kevin Ryan,.....

    Ryan was among the US attorneys asked to resign in the December purge, but Bush administration critics, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., have not cited his dismissal as being tainted by politics.

    Unlike other US attorneys who protested their firings, there are few exchanges involving Ryan in the newly released documents. One Justice Department e-mail quotes Ryan's former chief assistant, Eumi Choi, as saying Ryan was remaining a "company man"
    after his firing and refusing to take phone calls from Feinstein."

    In early 1990s, when I found Feds (FBI, DEA) using radioactive material as tracing tactic which hurt my health, I complained to Federal Attorney's office. I was very innocent then, after failing to complain in some office like D.A.'s office or
    organization such like ACLU... I went to the Federal Building. I went there several times until an aide told me that "there is no use to come here. We cooperate with FBI." Then I knew they work together.

    Did Ryan, as DOJ said, run his office in disarray? No, he did a very aggressive job. From the news "Ryan has beefed up the San Jose branch to 20 lawyers from the usual dozen or so, an unprecedented level.", I knew he arranged almost eight or so Federal
    Attorney to frame me in case. What have they done?

    To plant drug at my house by "free gift". To disguise contractor for "reasonable search". To block the drainage to search the water after I washing the clothes or take a bath. To collect the garbage by a cover up "garbage company". To manipulate my wife
    to file tax return without my consent. To cut my financial support...... All these were the work done by the attorneys in Ryan's office with the Feds.

    One thing you should know is that Ryan was not fired for doing these evil things. He was fired for not evil enough to frame me in a case they created.

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