• U.S. 'You're Going to Die Tonight': Video Shows Capitol Riot Mob Attemp

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    'You're Going to Die Tonight': Video Shows Capitol Riot Mob Attempting to Breach Security
    BY JENNI FINK ON 7/9/21 AT 3:57 PM EDT
    By Aviroce

    Who are these people? Are they Americans? What do they want from us? Why should we help them? Where would we be going from here?

    These People are not Americans. These People are misguided People. They do not understand their acts are geared to sending America to Hell, one way path, no return. These People do not realize they are going to be the Slaves for Jews.

    Jews, Ladies and Gentlemen, are Zionists and constitute the Zionist Nation within USA. It is not that they are Hungry for Power, they use Power to Advance, Recruit, and Deceive the American People to Create the Zionist Empire where NON-JEWS ARE BEASTS.

    Being a Jew does not mean you believe in Judaism for the benefit of our society through religious beliefs to make better citizens, trustworthy citizens. These Jews can pose as Christians, Neo-Christians, Patriots, Great Devoted Citizens. These Jews
    are Zionists and reside with the Zionist Nation within USA.

    If you think supporting these Zionists and following Judaism as a religion you would become a Jew?? No Sir, Madam. Jews are identified with a Special DNA only the Female Jew can pass it to Jews. If a Male Jew has an intercourse with a Non-Jew Femal
    to get a child, the child is not a Jew; the child would not carry the Female DNA characteristic of a Jew, member of the Race. Those supporting the Jews who are not members of the Jewish Race are misguided. They are enemies of their own people.

    Janaury 6, 2020 shows us what these Jews are willing and will do.


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