• Unusual weather links to the plot

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    1016. Unusual weather links to the plot (4/17/2018)

    My wife was arranged a Canada tour in 9/2 to 9/9 last year. With which I predicted 9/2 would be action date and likely Korea crisis would be followed to distract. See #979.

    The murder attempt on me in last September repeats in this month.
    1. gas leaking explosion. (caused by ground digging; earthquake....)
    2. drug arrest to the claim of trace found in sewage water.(Though I was not sure at first, late development make me believe so. When I poured the bath water into the lane, unusual storm came so the rainwater would wash the lane. ) See #980

    The late March plot went soured under my constant revelation. It seems the Feds go on with their plot. '

    [quote] Earthquake, hail, fierce rain rattle Bay Area — but, nope, there’s no link
    | Bay Area News Group April 16, 2018

    Around 9:40 a.m., just after San Jose residents experienced hail, torrential rain and thunderous dark clouds, the earth beneath them suddenly shifted. The 3.9 quake was centered about nine miles northeast of downtown San Jose, in the Alum Rock region.
    Tremors were felt in Milpitas, Fremont and Santa Clara, the USGS reported. Office towers shook in downtown San Jose.

    “It was snowing and hailing, with thunder, then there was an earthquake. It felt like a big jerk, not rolling,” said Angel Barlow, park services attendant at Joseph D. Grant County Park, in the hills east of San Jose. “It was a landslide of weather!

    https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/04/16/earthquake-rattles-south-bay/ [/quote]

    979. September 2nd is action date (8/31/2017)

    Why the Feds abandoned the planed "Hurricane Harvey" and "Charlottesville racial riot"? Because they focus on murdering Kat Sung. 9/2 plan is a one they think can certainly killing me.

    They used to perform murder case on Friday. Jail won't release detainee on bail in week- ends. So the Feds have two days(Saturday and Sunday) to do the killing. I have no income, I have no available working phone. If I were arrested when my wife was
    absent, nobody would have known that I was in prison. This time my wife travels to Canada from 9/2 to 9/9. The Feds could have seven days to do a "suicide" death.

    What will be big event used to distract public's attention? I think it is war in Korea Peninsula.

    [quote] US bans travel to North Korea beginning September 1, says Americans should leave
    Thomson Reuters
    YEGANEH TORBATI Aug 3rd 2017 6:01AM

    https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/08/03/us-bans-travel-to-north-korea-beginning-september-1-says-americans-should-leave/23062831/ [/quote]

    Same day on Aug.3rd, there was a "Fed Ex" cart roaring into my lane, then came a PG&E pick up to replace the gas meter of my house. That assures me the Feds decide to carry out unreasonable search and arrest by damaging my garage door or perform a "gas
    leaking" trick. See "974. Prepare for a gas leaking (8/9/2017)" From the timing, the announcement of Korea travel ban(Aug. 3rd) was accordance to harassing show off in my lane. Also be noticed that the N.Korea travel ban(9/1) is a day before my wife's
    Canada travel(9/2).

    Since 8/28, several times I was awakened by strong ground vibration around 3 a.m.to 4 a.m. It's acoustic weapon. The Feds seems try to damage the under ground gas pipe with resonance wave.

    See the tactic the Feds to murder in prison:

    980. Korea war crisis used as distract (9/6/2017)

    9/1 - 9/4 Unprecedented heat over San Jose area.

    September 2, 2017

    California’s history-making heat wave set new all-time records for the second day in a row.
    I have no air condition in my house. You can imagine in three digit temperature. What's there purpose, i don't know. To force the window open wide so leaked gas can get in? Or let hitter easy in when the door open wide?

    1017. Another Mafia style murder intimidation (4/24/2018)

    After the failure of the murder attempt of September,2017 (The case was signaled by the sixth nuclear test of N. Korea) see #979, 980, 981. The Feds immediately issued a murder signal on my wife. (see #981) In that case they intend to kill by "Lupus

    This time too, after my wife returned from "Late March Taiwan tour", they issued another intimidation.

    On 4/10, when I clicked on the IPad, the screen showed the site of "World Journal" though I hadn't chosen it. Then the screen was covered by a whole page English commercial.("World Journal" is a Chinese media) It was advertisement of an insurance company
    about car accident. Though commercial is common in Internet, it used to be small. I haven't seen such a big one cover the whole page. I think that was an intimidation from the Feds. They will murder by "car accident". I have no drive license and stay at
    home to avoid any possible plots. It was used to deal with my wife when a foreign tour plot failed.

    981. Attempt to murder my wife (9/12/2017)

    I have warned Korea war crisis would be created to cover up the framed case of 9/2. N.Korea did detonate a nuke bomb on 9/3. If US reacted with "fire and fury" Trump had promised, my predict would have become true. The procedure was so closely carried
    out. Only the Feds failed to frame me in any framed case. Then the Feds immediately designed another murder case - to kill my wife.

    The Feds used to influence public opinion by TV commercial. on 9/6 and 9/7, an organization had an ad on KTSF26(Chinese) to remind people of "Lupus erythematosus". It was so shortlived(2 days) that I never saw it after 9/7. What I remember of that ad was
    some people having a parade with banners written "Lupus ..."I even couldn't finish reading the whole banner because the banner was upright, the English was so rare seen. I was confused the first letter was "I" or "L". I knew it was "lupus erythematosus"
    only by audio Chinese aside.

    Decades ago when I was a in HongKong, I knew an acquaintance of my parents - Mrs. Wang. Mrs. Wang was a rich widow. She lived with a close friend - Ms. C. Mrs. Wang had a quick death - died of Lupus erythematosus. Although people knew she had such a
    disease, nobody expected she'd have a sudden death. The gossip in their social circle was: how much did Ms. C got from Wang's wealth.

    In US, when I knew G-man and realized he is a double agent, I also knew Ms.C is G-man's sister. I also found the Feds are money looters. That made Mrs. Wang's death a thoroughly different story to me. Lupus erythemotosus could be a killing tool of the

    I don't think the short lived commercial of Lupus Erythematosus is a coincidence. The disease is incurable and victims mostly are women. In #979. I wrote," If I were arrested when my wife was absent, nobody would have known that I was in prison. This
    time my wife travels to Canada from 9/2 to 9/9. The Feds could have seven days to do a "suicide" death." The words might touch off the killing motive. If my wife doesn't exist, that's more convenient for them to do a murder case.

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