• Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part E (3/3)

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    Both the Sunday and Sabbath keepers are turning trees into decorated idols and are getting their trees to blink. In ancient times the priests of fish-god Dagon dressed up in full length fish outfits, turned trees into decorated idols and left presents
    for the tree at the base of the tree. Over time the full-length fish outfits that Dagon’s clergy wore evolved so that just the fish-head hat remains, but still to this day these fished-headed priests of Dagon turn trees into decorated idols. And now
    with advanced technology they get their trees to blink!!! Several centuries ago Dagon’s priests stole an obelisk (a representation of a penis) from Egypt and erected it in the center of Vatican Square, and each winter place a tree turned into a
    decorated idol next to the stolen Egyptian dink. Both the Egyptian penis and the decorated evergreen tree are symbols of fertility, they place their symbols of fertility side by side. Then they make miniature representations of the stolen Egyptian penis
    and place them on the roofs of their filthy churches. Some Sunday (Catholic) and Sabbath (Adventist) keepers place a miniature Egyptian penis on the very top of their blinkin’ tree, sometimes they place a little star on the top of the obelisk (the
    pagan penis). The only real difference between the Catholics and the Adventists is that sometimes the Adventists turn their trees into decorated idols with cheap ribbons instead of with the expensive ornaments and blinkin’ lights. The Adventists pride
    themselves in keeping God’s Fourth Commandment but different aspects of their pagan winter mass together violate God’s First Three Commandments. The Americans saw the homosexual Indonesian Islamist posing with the blinkin’ trees and thought he
    shared their values, so they elected and re-elected a homosexual Indonesian Islamist to the presidency of the Unites States of America. The Bible is packed full of examples… when people adopt pagan fertility rites then they lose their nations to
    members of alternative fertility cults. Everybody gets their trees blink on and off, on and off, on and off, it is really quite a show. Many of you arseholes tithe to cannibals that teach you to turn your homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility, you
    have zero compassion for the victims of psychiatric horror, you are smug about your future and giggle with glee.

    The Bible is packed full of examples of people failing to honor God and then losing their lives and their entire nations to members of alternative fertility cults. In place of teaching Biblical truths, your priests and ministers teach you to adopt
    pagan fertility rites, to ram your penises up each other’s arseholes, and to whoreship a version of Jesus that is too young to speak and rebuke the utter crap that pours out of your God-damned mouths. Canadians and Americans are soldiers of the gods of
    fertility, they have great compassion for their pagan fertility rites while being utterly compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror. Starting in 1988 people gleefully employed Hindus to torture me when I criticized their pagan fertility rites,
    now all I can do is cry out to God against you and against your family members. Santa Claus and Disneyland, the Easter Bunny too, and lavishly decorated trees that blink, nothing but the best for your kids.

    I received years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture and managed to physically survive. It wasn’t the horror of what the drugs did to me that affected me so much, it was the people who either ignored or who laughed at me when I complained and
    requested assistance to flee the country, it was the people who libeled me, slandered me, brutally assaulted and robbed me. Now it is my turn to laugh at you Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers, go ahead, take the injection (it is not a

    That serum is not a vaccination as it does not vaccinate, people still catch the Chinese (Wuhan) Bat Flu after receiving multiple injections, if there is a flu (probably microwaves reducing people’s repritory systems). Even after receiving the
    injections you still are ordered to wear a mask, you are confined and isolated, your economic engine is removed from you, you are not even allowed to go horse racing or play golf. None of the children are seriously affected by the China Bat Flu yet you
    cancel their schools and inject them with an abomination that causes desolation, many children have died and are maimed by the injections. Parents have been delivering their children up to brutal psychiatrists and their brutal psychiatric drugs for
    decades, and now they have their children maimed and killed by a new series of injections. Then you fund Islam with your covid relief packages and even turn military bases into camps for Islamists, and you allow an uninterrupted flow of Chinese to fly in
    directly from Wuhan while they continue to work on weaponizing bat viruses. People are being injected with serums made from numerous monkeys and are willing to risk getting sexually transmitted monkey diseases in order to combat a bat virus that
    sometimes results in flu-like symptoms.

    As Sanity For Sweden states, the injection is no more effective in combating the virus than wearing yellow pants. Go ahead and hand your nations over to the Islamists and to the Chinese while singing Jingle Bells and bowing to blinkin’ trees. Many
    of you will faint in the face of adversity while I am simply going to laugh at your calamity. I already had my brutal shots, now it is your turn.

    Check out “The Final Refutation of Virology” By Dr. Stefan Lanka, narrated in English by Heather Bruno (I saw the video on Bitchute.com), there is no scientific evidence that Kung Flu is caused by a virus, and furthermore virology is not a
    scientific discipline. People are falling for a myriad of hoaxes, it started with the hoax of abiding by pagan fertility rites and tithing to churches that teach the pagan rituals, and it ends with the Chinese administering chemical laden nasal swabs to
    Canadians and Americans that results in infertility, cancer and death.

    The Catholic Church teaches you to abide by pagan fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments, this church owns and uses the media and other institutions to help teach you and your family members to abide by pagan crap. This same church uses
    their media to cover up the ongoing sexual misconduct of their priests. This same church censors the existence of cannibals in western societies, censors Scriptural passages referring to cannibalism, and is actively engaged in importing the third world
    into our communities to impoverish the masses. It is essential for this church to impoverish the masses as this way people become homeless and then can be devoured without raising alarm (Habakkuk 3:14). The so-called Church of England is a branch of the
    Catholic Church, as it and other Protestant churches (such as the Southern Missionary Baptists and other Baptist churches) systematically teaches people to abide by Catholic fertility rites. It is essential for the Catholic Church to teach you to turn
    trees into decorated idols and abide by this pagan winter festival as different aspects of this winter festival are in opposition to God’s first Three Commandments, which they hate. And it is essential for this church to help kill off the white people,
    as whites are the main group of people that abide by the Commandments of God and hold the faith of Jesus (Revelation 12:17). It is shameful for Christians in western countries to allow their fellow Christians to be tortured in psychiatric facilities.
    Every three weeks I defended my sanity at psychiatric appeal panel hearings by stating that the Bible repeatedly condemns turning trees into decorated idols, and that people are inadvertently bowing to trees when they place and retrieve presents from the
    base of the tree. Catholics sat at these appeal panel hearings and repeatedly allowed predominantly Hindu psychiatrists to torture me. Instead of aiding my escape, the Christians in Saskatoon spent billions of dollars turning trees into decorated idols,
    and imported the third world. Importing the third world into Canada had a negative impact upon my life. The white Europeans think it funny that I get tortured for years by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists, I in turn think it hilarious when God
    terminates your children’s lives. Filthy compassionless Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers. I get horrid injections forced upon me for years that amounted to brutal horrid torture and all people could do is laugh, decorate trees and sing
    Jingle Bells. Good for you. Now God permits you and your Jingle Bell children to get a dose that will cause infertility, deaths and utter desolation. You ignore the plight of the victims of psychiatric horror… what comes around goes around.

    Give testimony to your friends, relatives and fellow church members that the decorated evergreen tree is a pagan idol, then be mocked. If the mocking doesn’t shut you up, then expect to be slandered, libeled and be expelled (shunned) from the church
    or family unit. If you are still squeaking, there is always the possibility that you will be assaulted, arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities, or simply murdered. So double down, get a bigger tree and decorate it to a greater degree.

    Westerners are drunk and dazed, their borders are wide open, they should be building walls, multiplying like locusts and building their economies (Nahum 3:11-16). Western women will either help staffing borders, building walls and multiplying like
    locusts or will end up as sex slaves in Islamic countries. Western women should consider taking the initiative to support western civilization by providing children in accordance to Isaiah 4:1 and form families of eight. Unite into family units of eight
    individuals, seven women together with one man, work closely together to build yourselves a home in the country. It is shameful that the western women adopted the propaganda to end western families, now they can redeem themselves and provide our race
    with children and a hope for the future. Those white women who remain fertile by not taking the jab, those white women who never removed their reproductive organs, those white women who are not busy raising black and Asian children, those white women who
    are not brainwashed into hating men, those white women who were never raped and traumatized and who can still form meaningful relationships are required to save the white race from extinction. Women are married to their blinkin’ evergreen trees and
    other fertility traditions pushed by the Catholic Church. Like the white men, the white women enthusiastically embrace Catholic fertility rites and then claim that the Jews control the world. The hugely obese white women regularly flew to third world
    countries and had sex with the black men at the beach resorts over there, the fat asses paid the same amount for their airfares as the women who weighed one-sixth of their weight. The hugely obese women were seen as symbols of fertility in Africa, so the
    huge white women went there for sex and to be idolized. White parents care little that their ignorant daughters quested after negro men due to them having large penises, what was important to those parents is that their daughters and their well-endowed
    black boyfriends joined with them in turning trees into decorated idols and singing Jingle Bells, for it was tradition. The tradition of marrying into your own race was claimed to be racism while the tradition of turning trees into decorated idols was
    claimed to be an essential part of family life. Even Cree women succumbed to the cancel-culture propaganda and bore black children, one would think that Cree women should instead show solidarity with their own people and help their Cree nation thrive.
    Most everybody taught their daughters to embrace their pagan fertility idols and many of these daughters ended up fornicating with blacks due to the blacks having large penises, Cadillac cars, diamonds and gold chains. The Cree were united in their
    adoption of Catholic fertility tree idols that had an Egyptian obelisk (penis) mounted on the very top of the blinkin’ tree. The Cree were divided due to corruption on the reserves where quarter sections of land were handed out to the children of the
    corrupt leaders, a class division was established on the reserves where the Cree who benefitted from the corruption married into other Cree families who similarly benefitted from the corruption. Just like the white women, the Cree women sought out
    marriage partners who had wealth, and that included violent black pimps who flashed their wealth. In a little over a hundred years white women went from driving birds into extinction and to near extinction by adorning their hats with fine feathers, to
    driving the white race into extinction by fornicating with black men with their big penises, by sending money to Islamic nations, and by refusing to help form white families and raising white children. The white women did have sex but it was with other
    women and with men who were not white. The Cree were decimated by disease and then in 2021 the assorted governments encouraged their band members to take injections that caused infertility and death. The white people and the Cree people were united in
    pagan fertility whoreship, as are the Hindus, Islamists, Sikhs, Shintoists and Islamists, all groups are engaged in phallic whoreship. Many of the white women and Cree women found the time to unite and march together in support of the black Islamic and
    Marxist invaders, they marched together and protested together and together they ignored the Catholic, Hindu, Sikh and Islamist doctors that were torturing people to death in psychiatric facilities. The blacks were burning cities in the USA and chanting
    to kill the whites, so the women and the Cree in Canada marched in solidarity with these blacks and asked to defund the police.

    Canadians were told to be proud of their multiculturalism and welcomed people of all colours to our nation, now in a space of a year we are told that we are all racists and these people we welcomed now want to kill us. The judges are giving a slap on
    the wrist of those of colour who commit crimes, many times they don’t even have to spend any time in prisons because the reason provided by the judges is that there are already a disproportionate number of their kind in the prisons. Blacks are openly
    calling for the deaths of white people while the judges are not punishing people for their crimes. For years white kids experienced huge hurdles trying to get into trade schools or into University degree programs that could result in financial gain, the
    seats were provided to the immigrants instead, and now these unskilled and poorly skilled white kids learn that they are racists.

    The white Canadian children are strongly encouraged to get “vaccinated” even now that many people are aware that the so called “vaccinations” are causing more deaths and disease than the supposed virus, which hasn’t even been proven to exist.
    Canadians see themselves as “saved” because they embrace Catholic fertility rites (blinkin’ evergreen tree idols) and are so nice that they happily give their nation away to foreigners, and now in 2021 give their health and fertility away to a jab.
    The entire world embraced pagan fertility rites and then the ruler of the world gave them a jab and removed their fertility. The people who fell for the deception of the blinkin’ fertility tree idols are the same group that lost their health and lives
    and gave away their children’s fertility to the jab. The extremely overweight white women may be rendered infertile by the jab but will still be viewed as symbols of fertility when they fly to Africa and the Caribbean to have sex with the black men
    there. I don’t think Stalin would have wanted to fornicate with the bulbous American and Canadian women. In his youth Hitler was an artist, he may have been traumatized by being forced in art school to draw obese women, then redirected this trauma and
    his anger at the Jews. They don’t teach this stuff in school.

    Rebel News reports in May 2021 that the Canadian government allows Chinese communist soldiers to train in military jets inside Canada.

    Sanity for Sweden reports on June 14th 2021 that a 19-year-old German woman went to Italy and was enslaved by Pakistani men, they kept her prisoner and raped her continuously for two years. Traditionally it is the Turks that make raids into Europe and
    enslave the white women, now Europe makes it easy for all kinds of Islamists to enslave women. The police in each European nation don’t go into Islamic no-go zones to find and release the captive women, and even if they did the judges will let the
    criminals go free.

    Probababbly Isaiah 4:1 is not intended to encourage groups of eight individuals to join together as families, it is more likely the passage refers to a single individual male who ends up with a gaggle of seven wives who concern themselves day and
    night about their food and clothes. While eating breakfast the women are already planning dinner and supper and are endlessly wondering what they will be wearing for each and every meal.

    In the news in June 2021 Doug Cuthand continues to point out the raw deal native people received from some of the white settlers. Presently though and unheard in the media is that the native women are getting a raw deal from the males at the reserves,
    the women have been stripped of their voices and power and are governed by all-knowing males. Some reserve land is being given away to a privileged elite resulting in a two class system being established on reserves, many people in reserves confine
    themselves to their homes at night to avoid the native violence in the reserves… often Indians do brutal crimes to one another without penalty. Natives kill other natives, Sikhs kill other Sikhs, blacks kill other blacks (blacks also kill Asians and
    whites). White people and police officers are generally not to blame for any of the violence in Canada and in the USA today, is how I see it. The Indians who grabbed reserve farming lands for themselves flaunt their wealth and drive around in new trucks,
    but to Doug Cuthand the issue is a climate crisis and a white people crisis. Drug addicted and drug dealing Indians terrorize the reserves and Cuthand wants “harm reduction sites” in the province, the “harm reduction site” some Indians require
    are actual prisons so they stop terrorizing their own people on the reserves and in the cities. People think that they are justified in committing brutal crimes because they are poor, or because they crave money, drugs or sex.

    On one hand Doug Cuthand is condescending towards white people, but then on the other hand shows deference submission and respect to British Royalty, who are witches that are engaged in eating people. Prince Charles is by far the second wealthiest
    person on the planet while his mother is far wealthier yet, and Prince Charles is about to inherit his mother’s wealth. If Biden and Trudeau are unable to shut down the oil and other industries in North America, my best guess is that Charles will help
    bring about our sunny days solar-panel future. The workers in the Canadian oil industry will be calling in sick due to getting the jab, the oil refineries will shut down on their own due to lack of staff. So they will start training more people to build
    and run oil refineries, maybe 20% of the seats in these schools will be reserved for recent immigrants (mostly Islamists), 20% of the seats will be reserved for women (many are recent immigrants and are Islamists), 20% of the seats will be reserved for
    the handicapped (many are recent immigrants and are Islamists), 20% of the seats will be reserved for native Indians (many are converting to Islam in the prisons), and 20% will of course be black (Islamists) because black lives matter. For years white
    people have been thwarted from gaining a seat in a trade school due to seats being reserved for these other people.

    Trudeau and Charles are both Islamists while Biden tries to do as he is told, Trudeau and Charles are both united in their desire to flood Canada with Islamists. Charles continually funds Islamic projects, Charles has the money to pay for the welfare
    for all all the Islamists that are here collecting welfare. Presently Saskatchewan taxpayers pay for a house for each Islamic wife, there are four Islamic wives to buy houses for, Charles has the money to buy these four houses, one for each Islamic wife.
    Not all, but many white people were prevented from gaining training and employment and they do not have the money now to help buy these houses for each Islamic bride.

    Charles will soon own a great deal of Canadian land and is free to use his vast wealth to build more mosques and provide more homes for his favoured immigrants. There are thousands upon thousands of Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists torturing
    white British people to death in psychiatric facilities in Britain. And there are many more of these Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists practicing their arts in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. Doug Cuthand and Charles are united in
    agreement that they are the protectors of the forests and the lands and the mountains and the seas. Some Indians on the prairies inherited land and wealth from their corrupt parents and grandparents, other Indians have no voice and no money. My
    suggestion is that the native women buy rifles for their children and for their grandchildren, and for themselves, in .243 Winchester. This caliber is adequate in power to take down wild boar that exceed 1000 pounds in size, and the rifle doesn’t kick
    so much and unlikely to break your shoulder. You can get a .243 Winchester as a semi-auto and this way it will kick even less, and this way the child will be better protected against charging herds of wild boar. Pigs, coyotes, wolves, cougars and bears
    are all more likely to attack children and shorter men and women. The rich Indians flaunt their wealth and drive around in new trucks, the poor Indian women and children are left without decent rifles to protect themselves from evil, many white women and
    children own even less. The wealthy elite took the valuable boxes of bullets from the RCMP officers every treaty day, while the poor Indians never heard of the option and instead each took a five dollar bill.

    In the news (Tucker Carlson) on June 15th 2021 we learn that the FBI has been involved in orchestrating, encouraging and participating in criminal behavior, including the protest and the killing at the Capitol Building in Washington DC on January 6th
    2021. The FBI is co-opted by communists, globalists, anarchists and Islamists, the FBI was likely involved in running a fraudulent election then orchestrated the attack on the Capitol Building in order to arrest and detain Trump supporters. Trump
    supporters are being detained in solitary confinement for being near the Capitol on January 6th while the blacks who burned down some 300 cities and commit numerous murders are allowed to roam free. Not to worry, the Catholic Church is about to hand it’
    s authority over to Prince Charles who will save the day by making sure we don’t burn too much fossil fuels, and making sure that we accommodate the Islamists. Prince Charles has been building mosques and funding the spread of Islam for decades. It
    takes a lot of oil and other resources to provide a home for each of the four Islamic wives. America began by rejecting the British Crown and ends with Prince Charles dictating environmental, religious and immigration laws. Americans cared little that
    the CIA funded decades of research in psychiatric torture in Saskatoon (absolute horror) and come to Saskatoon in order to get a connecting flight north so they can go hunting and fishing. The FBI orchestrated a coup and Americans respond by getting a
    death jab and are still wanting to go hunting and fishing in northern Saskatchewan, followed by singing Jingle Bells.

    The communists/anarchists/fascists/satanists defunded the police, and so the murders, rapes and other crimes of course escalated. People will rise up and defend themselves, and then the United Nations (aka Prince Charles, aka The Anti-Christ) will
    patrol North America to restore the order. Expect a large increase of people being arrested under the Mental Health Act and sent to psychiatric wards in local hospitals for thinking too much about freedom and democracy. These people will be “treated”
    by Hindu, Sikh, Islamic and Catholic psychiatrists… all the drugs administered have “death” as a side effect. Then Doug Cuthand will continue to have his stories published in the newspapers, where he will praise Charles for his environmental
    policies. And the churches will continue to display the appropriate behavior by turning both the inside and outside of their churches with lavishly decorated evergreen trees. Then One Arrow First Nation, which placed a statue of Chief One Arrow on top of
    an Egyptian penis, will decorate the Egyptian penis with gold leaf and coloured lights, and get those lights to blink on and off, on and off, on and off. They found the remains of 215 Indian kids at a Catholic school in Kamloops, that means that the
    Indians will now want to turn great multitudes (many thousands) of evergreen trees into God-damned Catholic decorated idols each with 215 blinkin’ lights.

    In the news the Australians invested billions of dollars into submarines that they will never build. Instead of investing in rifles, artillery, torpedoes, anti-tanks weapons and aircraft, they spent the money instead upon submarines that they will
    never finish building, and are outmoded death-traps anyway. The small Sterling Engine driven submarines are silent, Australia didn’t strive for such simple, cheap and proven technology. Canada can’t help Australia, we can’t fuel the few ships we
    have and our exorbitantly expensive used British submarines never worked and we don’t have the money nor skills to fix them. What Canada spent on used submarines that don’t work could easily have equipped our military with top quality rifles and
    artillery. Nations are purposely bankrupted by foes working within. And our allies cancel our leading-edge technological innovations (see the BAC TSR-2 and the Avro Arrow). Australia would be wise to look at the Canadian model, we have an Islamic prime
    minister and a Sikh runs our military. Our ruling royalty is the richest in the history of mankind yet Australians and Canadians are both about to become extinct due to the flood of third world immigrants and evil in our parliaments. Should China now
    invade Australia, they would kill all the Australians without Britain, Canada, New Zealand and almost every other nation being able to mount a defense before or after the genocide is completed. Already the Australians are not allowed to travel, and most
    don’t have the money to travel anyway, the Australians are sitting at home without any guns to protect themselves from the coming genocide. Papuans were buying guns from Australians, sometime Papuans would travel to Australia in the hopes of purchasing
    guns, other times Australians would travel to Papua New Guinea to sell guns. Now that the Australians gave up their guns, and now that the Australian government invested into fantasy submarines, and now that the Australians turn trees into blinkin’
    idols, and now that the Australians whoreship a version of Jesus that is too young to speak and rebuke the utter shit that pours out of their mouths, Australians should be prepared for a very short war. Even the atheists in Australia abide by the
    teachings of the Catholic Church when they adopt the Catholic fertility rite of turning trees into decorated idols. When you adopt Catholic fertility rites, then you become a Catholic. When China invades Australia, many people there will be praying to
    Mary and to angels for help, but Mary is asleep while the angels in the final days are not sent to help you. Good luck to Australia, and don’t count on America coming to your aid with Democrats in power.

    People have such great compassion for their pagan fertility rites, they stick Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches and on the very top of their blinkin’ evergreen tree idols, at the entrance of the University of Saskatchewan and at our
    cemeteries, and even use the pagan penises as war memorials for the soldiers that gave their lives for us (to keep us free), and they party and laugh. I said that it is no surprise that your priests and ministers are ramming their penises up your
    children’s arseholes as they already advertise themselves with dinks on the roofs of their churches. They responded by repeatedly arresting me and driving me past the Egyptian obelisks (penises) at the front gates of the University of Saskatchewan and
    delivering me to a Hindu psychiatrist who said that I think too much about penises, but again, it is not me that thinks so highly of penises that I would place one on the roof of a church, and besides Hindus attain their spiritual bliss via orgasm. The
    Indians at One Arrow First Nation responded to it all by placing a statue of Chief One Arrow on top of an Egyptian dink and by having their daughters sterilized with carcinogenic nasal swabs and so-called vaccines. Other Indians responded by helping
    Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford. Happy families having their “Christmas” (use of God’s Name in vain, NOT His Mass) celebrations, united in pagan fertility whoreship. They place their traditions,
    themselves and their family members above God. Sad story, couldn’t make it up if I tried.

    Daryl Kabatoff
    Box 203 Blaine Lake Saskatchewan Canada S0J 0J0
    June 22nd 2021 3:32 pm 74,951 words

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