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    Turkey slaughtered an estimated two million Armenian Christians between 1914 and 1923, now Canada sells the Turkey and Azerbaijan advanced drone weaponry that is used in 2020 to slaughter the Armenians yet again. Canadians politely stay at home and
    watch the news telling them to stay home, and are not provided with news stories about how their Islamic government is providing advanced weapon systems to other Islamic governments. See the video on YouTube “What Azerbaijan’s spectacular victory
    over Armenia tells us about the future of modern warfare.”

    The Islamists pride themselves in their knowledge of herbs and published copious quantities of litrature, over the centuries they amassed knowledge of what herbs can be used to induce fertility and cause abortions. They imbed themselves into our food
    supply, the food you eat may have been dosed at repeated times during its transit to your table. Islamists are a fertility cult, they increase their numbers with multiple wives and with rape and coercion, and reduce the numbers of the alternative
    fertility cults with herbs, swords and bombs. And they seek to reduce your fertility with inoculations against common colds. And more recently they instigated a transgender fantasy world and are coercing your daughters to cut their own breasts off and
    sterilize themselves. The parents hope these kids would come home at “Christmas” and join together with them and the blinkin’ tree, and together they would go and make a pilgrimage to the local Catholic Church and tithe, regardless of how many
    times Catholic priests rammed their penises up your children’s arseholes. The priests purposely traumatize the children and render them unable to form meaningful attachments and families, it works as well as rendering them infertile. Then they
    destroyed the economy so the males didn’t have a pot to piss in, let alone go on a date. All the while the carbon tax continues to be rebated back to the large Islamic families (the carbon tax mainly gets rebated back to the largest of the families,
    which are Islamic). The greater the number of Islamists, the greater amount of taxes will be collected and handed over to the invading Islamists.

    Over the last few decades assorted Islamists, many acting as lone wolves, contaminated food and water supplies with herbs that reduced fertility and induced abortions. Then they indoctrinated children to a transgender world and coerced the daughters to
    put rings in their noses, colour their hair with cool-aid and render themselves infertile. During which time they have been refining their inoculations, which are again designed to render infertility, and often result in autism, heart attacks and death.
    The white race is first and foremost hated due to the many Christians in our midst.

    The CIA funded the psychiatric torture facilities in Saskatoon, and now the general pubic learns that the CIA imbeds itself into the mainstream media and uses the media to conduct a coup against President Trump (it is a coup funded in part by American
    taxpayers). Our Canadian Islamic prime minister is quick to congratulate Biden with a win. Canadians are happy that Trump is being defeated for all they heard for the last five years is how horrible Trump is. Canada has absolutely the worst prime
    minister and the worst government ever in its history (a Somali heads the department of immigration, a Sikh heads the military, the prime minister is an Islamist) and all we hear in the Canadian media is how horrible Trump and the Republican party is.
    Canadians may rise up but can expect to be slaughtered with Canadian, Chinese and Islamic drones, Islamic beheading swords and with so-called “vaccinations” (the injections are not immunizing people, only harming them further). Canadians are
    compassionless and still think it is hilarious that I get stripped of my rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities for years, and then borrow money from their children to build new psychiatric torture facilities. The Canadian Christians are smug
    about their future, they think they know the truth, the truth of the matter is that their churches have been co-opted by Catholics who teach them to turn trees into decorated idols. The truth of the matter is that the churches are censoring Scriptural
    references to cannibalism and employed predominantly Hindu psychiatrists to torture me in an attempt to shut me up about their lies and pagan filth they teach in place of God’s Commandments.

    The last Canadian federal election was rigged, all laws passed by the Islamic Liberals (with the support of the Sikh NDP) are void. Due to the fraudulent election all the new gun laws are void. The Islamists have co-opted our government and the
    Canadian people respond by staying home and are preparing to sing Jingle Bells. Don’t hold it back, shout it out with udder glee. Abiding by the Catholic fertility rites is the most important thing on planet earth. Find somebody that was tortured by
    Hindus for daring to speak out against your Catholic fertility rites and send them a box of nuts and a “Christmas” (use of God’s name in vain) card.

    I wasn’t allowed to go out, and when they allowed me to go out I did so in utter poverty. And when out and about (utterly nauseous, my head banging in pain, my lips and tongue hard and turned to leather…) people laughed or fled or beat me or
    robbed me of the little I had. Now you are not allowed to go out. And economic opportunities are being removed from you and given to newly arrived invaders (mainly Chinese and Islamists). I criticized your churches and your pagan traditions and had to
    stay confined, and now you have to stay home due to some invented pandemic. Hollywood and the media largely ignores the real pandemic of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and instead actively teaches you to ram your penises up each other’s
    arseholes. Hollywood, the media, the schools and the churches (the Catholic church owns it all) are teaching you to ram your penises up each other’s arseholes, while ignoring the resulting diseases, and are now legislating that you stay home lest you
    catch a cold. And I think it is absolutely hilarious as you filthy Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers have zero compassion for me or for any other victim of psychiatric horror. Stay home while Islamists and Chinese arrive at our airports and
    borders daily, support them all and pay each one an extra $500 every week, even if they are not Canadian citizens. Send your tax dollars to Islamic nations around the world then stay home and sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way.

    In the news on January 7th 2021, the province of Quebec is starting to impose a curfew, the slaves will have to stay off the streets from 8 pm to 5 am, but Quebec is a Catholic province and these people will enjoy the extra time at their disposal so
    they can continue their prayers to Mary. Some twenty thousand Chinese and Islamists are arriving at our airports daily, so stay home. When the Canadian slaves learn that I was tortured for years for daring to speak out against their traditions, they will
    insist on their freedom and will fly once again to resorts in Hawaii, Florida, Europe, Australia and Asia, while continuing to issue condescending remarks against me and other psychiatric abuse victims on social media from those locations. More and more
    psychiatrists speak Arabic and Chinese, it may be helpful to you in the future to be able to converse with your psychiatrists. Stay home and learn to speak Arabic and Chinese before you get arrested and detained (tortured to death with psychiatric drugs)
    under the Mental Health Act. Remember to sing Jingle Bells and vote for a homosexual Indonesian Islamist when you see him posing next to a blinkin’ tree (together with Mike and the adopted kids). Your love of Catholic fertility rites destroyed western

    In the news in January 2021 I hear that more people died of the flu in 1993 than in 2020. The news for me and for many others has become Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Piro, Katie Hopkins, Lisa Haven, Sanity for Sweden, Salty Cracker
    and Rebel News. Check out “Laura Ingraham Full Speech at RNC”, it still might be viewed on YouTube.

    In the news on February 24th 2021, the communist leader of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh, announced that he will continue to prop up the communist Liberal party as long as the pandemic continues. The people who voted for these communist
    parties are the same people who turn trees into decorated idols and sing Jingle Bells. Canadians collectively spend billions of dollars annually turning trees into decorated idols, and had collectively spent many millions of dollars having me tortured in
    psychiatric facilities for criticizing their fertility traditions, and are now very pleased with themselves as they are “freely” given over $2,000 per month in covid relief funds. Even non-Canadians are given over $2,000 per month in so-called virus
    relief. Canadians who were not employed or only found minimal work in 2019 are not eligible for the $2,000 per month covid relief funds that the non-Canadians are receiving. Again, 20% of the seats in the trade schools are reserved for recently arrived
    immigrants (mainly Asian and African Islamists), 20% of the seats are reserved for women (again many are recently arrived Asian and African Islamists), 20% of the seats are reserved for handicapped (again, many are Asian and African Islamists), 20% of
    the seats are reserved for natives (many are converting to Islam in the prisons), and then the remaining 20% of the seats are for the other Islamists that never filled the other seats. The Canadian government made it difficult for white people to receive
    training and jobs, the white people were left unemployed and underemployed in 2019, the lack of money they earned in 2019 resulted in them being ineligible to receive the $2,000 per month in covid relief funds in 2020 and 2021, which were freely given to
    the foreign students who received adequate allowances from their Chinese and Saudi Arabian parents in 2019. They stripped Doukhobors of billions of dollars of land, removed Doukhobor children from their families, denied most Doukhobors training and good
    paying jobs, had some Doukhobors tortured in psychiatric facilities when they dared to speak publically about corrupt Christian churches, later they began to treat the other white people in a similar fashion as they were treating the Doukhobors. The
    white Europeans lined up to receive the land stolen from the Doukhobor families, the white Canadians stole Doukhobor land and then laughed at Doukhobors for an entire century, then the Canadian government lumped all the white people in together and
    called them all white racists and instead imported Moslems from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East to take their place. The Doukhobors tried to fit into Canadian society, many Anglicized their names (they changed their names to names that sounded British),
    almost all followed after the Roman Catholic Church and adopted the Catholic fertility rites. Almost all the Doukhobors adopted pagan fertility rites and sang Jingle Bells in the hopes they would have stable homes in Canada. Even the Doukhobors would end
    up laughing at me when I complained that I was being tortured by primarily Hindu psychiatrists when I dared to state that their churches were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism and when I dared to say that they were adopting pagan fertility
    rites in place of God’s Commandments.

    And Rebel News reports on February 24th 2021 that Justin Trudeau strips Canadians of their rights and forces them to stay quarantined in hotels, where he has the locks removed from the doors resulting in security guards raping the white women staying
    within. Several people commenting on this news say that the security guards at these covid hotels are Moslems.

    Tucker Carlson reports on February 24th 2021 that there may be 30 million or more people living in the States that are about to be granted citizenship by Biden’s communist party, and since Biden has thrown the borders wide open (as Trudeau has done
    recently), there can be additionally tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people soon to arrive. And almost every one will vote Democrat and thereby cement the United States of America as a communist nation. All the work and savings made by
    Americans to build their nation is to be handed to others. Murders and other crimes are escalating dramatically, more and more women are being turned into sex slaves, many are shipped in containers with the stolen vehicles to Moslem nations (capturing
    and shipping women to Moslem nations has been going on for centuries). The increasing numbers of homeless will be easy prey for the witches, who sexually abuse and then devour their victims (eating the testicles of little boys is another fertility rite,
    similar to killing trees and turning them into decorated idols). Many of the people who arrive to the United States will continue on to Canada and will be an ever increasing burden upon Canadians who are similarly giving away their nation. The citizens
    of Canada and the United States have their businesses shut down and are told to stay home while tens of millions or perhaps hundreds of millions of people are allowed to flood into North America from foreign lands. The blacks burned over 300 American
    cities in 2020, over and over the blacks rioted and chanted that they were going to kill the whites, and Trudeau welcomes them with open arms, borrows money made out of thin air and hands it over to them, and charges the white people compound interest on
    this borrowed money. The communists ended capitalist society not by war, but simply by telling people to stay home and wear a mask. People are asleep, they think they are worshipping God, but they demand that their churches, homes and entire cities are
    turned into blinkin’ temples of fertility, they continue to have people tortured in psychiatric facilities when those people point out the filth in their churches, saying that their sacrifice to God is acceptable.

    In the news in May 2021, 25 year old Dilshad Ali Zada from Afghanistan has been given no jail time for enslaving and sexually trafficking women in and around Saskatoon. Personally I feel that people who enslave other people into a life of sexual
    service to others should face serious penalties. Providing Dilshad Ali Zada with no jail time for her many heinous crimes is a signal to others that such activity is allowed to be conducted in the community. The law comes down hard on people who dare to
    open their stores… fines against people who violate quarantine laws, if unpaid, result in the loss of businesses, employment, land, homes and life savings. I received years of brutal horrid torture as a reward for criticizing your filthy churches,
    people laugh at me, slander, libel, rob and assault me when I complain, and allow Dilshad Ali Zada to sexually enslave their children with no real penalty. The only possible explanation of this is that Canadians are the God-damned shit of the earth.

    I wish to clarify my position. Just because the media is united with Hollywood, schools and the churches (the Catholic Church owns it all) and teaching you people to ram your penises up each others arseholes, and just because the Indians at One Arrow
    First Nation stuck a statue of their ancestor One Arrow on top of an Egyptian representation of a penis, dothn’t mean that the Indians at One Arrow First Nation are all ramming their penises up each others arseholes. And just because the Indians in
    western Canada flip flop between traditional aboriginal beliefs and Catholicism depending upon whom they are trying to fuck on any particular day similarly dothn’t mean they are all goink around ramming their penises up each others arseholes either.
    Nevertheless the Indians and the whites are together taught to engage in sexual activities that are leading to their utter destruction, and then on top of that their favorite activity is to idolize trees. Sometimes they stick an Egyptian obelisk (a
    representation of a penis) on the very top of their blinkin’ tree.

    The story went, I said that it is no surprise that the priests are ramming their penises up your children’s arseholes for they already advertise themselves with Egyptian penises on the roofs of their churches. I was arrested and given to a Hindu
    psychiatrist who said that I think too much about penises, but it is not me who thinks so highly of penises that I would stick one on the roof of a church, and besides, Hindus gain their spiritual bliss via orgasm. Then people laughed at me, assaulted me
    further and called me a pedophile. Then they allowed Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to be trained as psychiatrists at the University of Saskatchewan, then they allowed them to work (torture Canadians) without they themselves being Canadians citizens. Then
    they allowed the government to pay foreigners residing in Canada $500 each week to help support themselves (they get the $2000 every four weeks if they were in Canada in 2019 and received a small allowance from their parents in China or Saudi Arabia, or
    wherever). And they allowed Saskatoon City Hall to employ non-Canadians, and no mayoralty candidate complained, and even if they did, the media would remain silent, just as the media is silent on the non-Canadians receiving $2000 every four weeks, it is
    more than $2000 monthly. European immigrants removed billions of dollars worth of land from Doukhobor families and now see themselves as rich enough to hand out $500 each week to non-Canadians to help them through the fear flu. Strip the Doukhobors of
    any land they still manage to possess and hand it over to the Chinese, Islamist, Sikh, Hindu and Catholic invaders and call the Doukhobors racists. You are compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror, your compassion is limited to your pagan
    evergreen tree rituals and to Egyptian penises on your church roofs (and spread across the nation in almost every place imaginable, even on the very tops of the blinkin’ trees in the homes of Doukhobors, Mennonites, Hutterites and Adventists). You
    unrepentantly continue to employ Hindu, Islamic, Sikh and Catholic (likely Chinese as well) psychiatrists to torture those who don’t appreciate your blinkin’ trees, you absolutely MUST lose your nation to alternative fertility cults as a result. Go
    give a few million dollars to Omar’s sister and put her image on our paper money. In Saskatchewan the wealthy are allowed to sell you oatmeal that contains no more than “three” mouse turds per cup, but should they find “two” mouse turds in
    their Class A motorhome, Saskatchewan Government Insurance will provide them with a new Class A motorhome. All I can do is laugh at you while crying out to God against you. You have me brutally tortured for years and think it funny, you can’t raise a
    finger in my defense, you don’t even have a kind word for me. God is about to spread you compassionless Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers out like dung over the surface of the earth and I think it is absolutely hilarious!!! Send your kid
    to school to learn to become a transsexual communist. Go ejaculate upon your blinkin’ fertility tree idol. Have me arrested and tortured again at the University of Saskatchewan for daring to quote from Aleister Crowley’s book “White Stains” (he
    wrote poetry about raping and killing children and then eating their testicles and nipples), which was housed at the main University of Saskatchewan library, then libel, slander and assault me further and steal from me some more. Go to hell.

    The elections for Saskatoon city council in 2020 and beyond should all prove to be exciting events, my hope is that residents will get out and vote as decisions made by City Council have always had great impact upon the citizens of the city. Whether
    you are a compassionless Mary, monkey, sun, tree or penis whoreshipper, should I become mayor of Saskatoon I vow to allow your pagan practices to continue unabated but I will not be using the public purse to pay for them, nor will I allow the practices
    to take place on city-owned properties, neither on nor in city-owned equipment. Anyway, if I were mayor of the city of Saskatoon, that’s what I’d do.

    For Further Reading:

    A History of Gold and Money: 1450-1920 - Pierre Vilar
    A Nation of Counterfeiters: Capitalists, Con Men, and the Making of the United States - Stephen Mihm
    Arming and Disarming: A History of Gun Control In Canada - R. Blake Brown Doukhobors At War - John P. Zubek and Patricia Anne Solberg
    Flight Without Formula - A.C. Kermode
    Frances Farmer Shadowland - William Arnold
    Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World - Mike Davis
    Mosquito: A Pictorial History of the DH98 - Philip Birtles
    Paris In The Terror - Stanley Loomis
    Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty - Karl Shaw Spiritualism Today - LeRoy Edwin Froom
    The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea - Tim Cohen
    The Girl Aviator’s Motor Butterfly - Margaret Burnham
    The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Slavery, and Destructive Economics - Michael Rowbotham

    Mad In America By Rasul Yagudin:
    “Now the world wide liberal society entirely forgot the Russian punitive psychiatry. Or probably as before it believes in the fairy tale that crimes of Russian psychiatric system are completely in the past. If it is so, this the most terrible mistake
    in the history of the mankind. Because the modern Russian psychiatry is much more cruel and has much bigger possibilities. Despite of the widely spread opinion it was not so easy in the USSR to lock somebody in a mental hospital, because such actions
    were being executed only accordingly decisions of a pretty narrow circle of high leveled leaders of communistic party and KGB, who were constantly keeping this process under their control and using only in political goals, not allowing every psychiatrist
    to ride roughshod over. Today in Russia any rural psychiatrist can receive a decision of a rural judge about coercive hospitalization and coercive treatment. Without some trial, without a public hearing, without some lawyers, without a jury. And even
    more - accordingly the Russia law about psychiatric “aid” a psychiatrist has the right to hospitalize his victim on three days without a court decision. During these three days he must appeal to a judge, and afterwards a judge has the right to think
    for five days. In total a victim is being tortured in a nuthouse during 8 days without some court decision, in result of that he, drugged by psychotropics, looks absolutely insane. Thus even if by some miracle you will find some honest judge (what is
    absolutely unbelievably), he seeing the undoubted “mad”, just signs the decision about coercive treatment. Of course totally uncontrolled Russian psychiatrists (all of them) in cahoots with corrupted Russian judges (all them are corrupted) use this
    possibility for their private goals: for example to force victims to pay them bribes or to transfer them the victims` property. And when this goal is achieved, a psychiatrist either in the best case keeps a victim in a nuthouse under influence of
    psychotropics forever or kills him. In a mental hospital it is very easy to commit an unprovable murder . And of course such possibilities are constantly being used in political goals too - like in Soviet times.” - Rasul Yagudin

    Sanity For Sweden:
    <snip> “You see, when they started to give the shot to people in December last year I realized something is going to happen. I will be spending a lot of time talking about side-effects because the establishment, the media, they will not talk about side-
    effects. And it was like I was on this train, you see, and I saw this train moving very quickly towards the mountain side, and there were no brakes, I couldn’t find any brakes and I couldn’t reach the conductors, you see, so I got off, ya. And now I
    m watching this train moving towards the mountainside with all these people on board. And there’s quite a few of them who got off and we are all watching this train moving towards the mountain, giggle, and we are shouting to these people “Stop The
    Train!!!” Ya. So it’s going to crash, the big question is what’s going to happen after the crash?” <snip> -Sanity For Sweden

    <snip> “You know I don’t think it is about health at all. Actually I’m sure it’s not. If you ask me this mask doesn’t work, it makes it worse. First of all you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain, and that’s not a good thing. And then you
    have these bacteria colonies building up in the mask, and it ruins your skin. And you look like an idiot, of course, when you wear the mask. I don’t think it’s about health. This is what I believe: It’s like riding a horse, you see. You have this
    wild horse and you want to be able to ride it, first you need the horse to accept the blanket. So you put a blanket on the horse, and when the horse finally accepts the blanket, then you can put a saddle on it. And then eventually you can ride it. Ya. I
    think this is what the mask is. They want to have people to accept something on them, the mask is a blanket so that they can ride them, so they can ride these people. That’s what I believe. That’s a conspiracy theory isn’t it. Ya.” <snip> -Sanity
    For Sweden

    <snip> “Do you feel offended? Well, this is my job, to offend you. Ya. It’s so easy.” <snip> -Sanity For Sweden, March 22, 2021

    In Closing:

    Be aware that Ducks Unlimited and the Canadian Wildlife Federation are allowing farmers to cut the grass on their reserves in as early as June, thereby killing off the nesting songbirds and depriving them of nesting cover, and depriving them of
    habitat used by insects which some birds eat and use to feed their young, and deprives the seedeaters of seeds. The farmers like to get onto the wildlife lands and cut the grass in June lest another farmer come along and cuts that grass for themselves at
    the beginning of July. The land around Blaine Lake is used for agriculture, the few spots that are designated for wildlife get cut and made into straw bales in June and July, it makes life particularly hard for the seedeaters like the Bobolinks who
    depend upon the plants and seeds to raise their batches of young into September. Even the ducks and geese suffer as grasses from the previous year’s growth are used by the ducks and geese in the following year for concealing themselves and their nests
    and for eating the seeds. And there is the issue of trees, the young trees are annually cut down at the same time the grass is cut, depriving the tree-nesting birds of the trees and depriving other animals of concealment and shelter. By cutting and
    removing the grass and the trees, the land becomes unsuitable for nesting as food, shelter and concealment cover has been removed. In place of a healthy environment full of a myriad of species including moose are instead large round bales of hay,
    sometimes a hawk sits upon one of the round hay bales waiting for a mouse to scurry by, which is now easy to see as the grass is cut. The more coyotes the farmers shoot, the more mice there are scurrying about. The farmers shoot the coyotes, potentially
    resulting in a plague of rats and mice, then they spread poison to kill the rodents, which results in the deaths of myriads of other animals. The farmers spread pesticides and herbicides, then they shoot the coyotes and spread additional poisons to deal
    with the resulting impending plagues of rats and mice, and care little when they see their neighbours cut the grass on Ducks Unlimited / Canadian Wildlife Federation reserve lands. It is of upmost importance for the farmers to maintain friendly relations
    with their neighbours, they find common ground by decimating the wildlife, by abiding by the Catholic fertility rites, by proclaiming their hatred of aboriginal Indians, and by proclaiming an utter and complete hatred of people who speak in defense of
    coyotes. I faced threats to my life from western Canadian farmers several years ago when I posted a few sentences on Facebook that were in defense of coyotes.

    Go for coffee at a rural Saskatchewan restaurant and hear the farmers say… “The grass will simply go to waste if the farmers do not take it, and besides, our cows and horses need it, and besides the ducks have hatched and are swimming, can’t you
    see the baby ducks swimming, are you stupid?!!!” Or when the farmers are questioned about stripping the grass cover on Ducks Unlimited lands, they will invert the response to “The ducks have hatched and are swimming, can’t you see the baby ducks
    swimming, are you stupid?!!! The grass will simply go to waste if us farmers do not take it, and besides, the cows and horses need it.” Or, “Are you stupid?!!! The cows and horses need it, the grass will simply go to waste if they can’t have it,
    can’t you see the baby ducks have hatched and are swimming?!!!” Often the issue of “Have you ever held a job?” is tossed into the argument by the farmer, adding great complexity to the permutations and combinations of their responses and
    exceeding the scope of this essay. The biggest losers are the wildlife, those people who donated the land to Ducks Unlimited and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and those people who do not care that they never saw a Bobolink.

    In Canada the forests are sprayed with herbicides in order to kill off the deciduous trees, leaving the forests to be covered with coniferous (evergreen) trees, which are later harvested for money. When the forests are kept as a mixture of deciduous
    and coniferous trees, as God intended, the result is a healthy ecosystem and a great variety of life. A myriad of problem result from spraying and killing off the deciduous trees, including wildfires that rage unchecked over huge mountain ranges. Without
    the existence of deciduous trees in a forest, fires in the coniferous forests spread rapidly and rage unchecked. The general pubic has no idea that the forests are being sprayed in order to kill off the deciduous trees, and when the resulting forest
    fires destroy lives and communities these ignorant dupes cry out that the climate is warming and ignorantly back legislation that removes our industries, our wealth and our freedoms. The general pubic cares little about deciduous trees, they instead want
    coniferous trees to decorate and make them blink on and off, on and off, on and off, just like Hitler’s and Obama’s and the Queen’s and the pope’s blinkin’ trees. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians and Papuans are all willing to
    ignore an invasion of Chinese and Islamists, thinking that by annually turning trees into decorated idols and singing Jingle Bells, that national security, heaven and salvation are all assured.

    [continued in next message]

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