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    Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part E - By Kabatoff, Dar. S. June 22nd 2021 3:32 pm 74,951 words

    “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment
    on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    “Honour killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.’” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    “They are not sexual assaults, but ‘honour’ rapes.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." - Joe Biden speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    “Who remembers the Armenian genocide? If they can’t remember the Armenian genocide, who is goink to be concerned about the Jews?” - Adolph Hitler speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

    “Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

    While the Islamists invade Canada, there are still Catholics in charge of the medical and educational systems, who train and employ Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists in Canada and allow them to “work” in Canada without being Canadian
    citizens. Some citizens were too vocal against the fertility rites being taught by the Catholic Church and were tortured in psychiatric facilities by Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists. Those citizens who sang Jingle Bells laughed at the citizens who
    were stripped of their human rights, some assaulted the psychiatric abuse victims (people who were stripped of their rights) because they were free to do so without consequence. Others freely stole from the victims of horror, for often the drugs made the
    victim unable to form sentences anyway. While I complain of being tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists, people assault and rob me, others laugh at me, while they import members of alternative fertility cults, who are now marching and chanting
    that they want to kill the white people. They made me a home in a psychiatric ward and now give free homes to members of alternative fertility cults while singing Jingle Bells. They hated my Doukhobors ancestors, stole the Doukhobor lands and locked up
    the Douhobor children, but they also hated the Russians as well, so the Doukhobors were hated for being both Russian and Doukhobor, now they are hated because they are white. Strip them of their rights and laugh at them and sing Jingle Bells. The
    Doukhobors don’t really care about the injustices of the past and have joined with the Catholics in turning trees into blinkin’ idols, and in singing Jingle Bells. All the churches joined with the Catholic church and adopted her glitter, and then the
    sheep went home and turned their homes into Catholic temples of evergreen tree fertility as well, and continued singing Jingle Bells. Some had really tall trees because they wanted really tall ceiling in their homes. The Reformation was replaced by the
    Counter Reformation, and the Doukhobors adopted the Catholic glitter, turned their homes into pagan temples of fertility, and sang Jingle Bells.

    People laughed at me when I complained of being tortured by Hindus at the University of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital. I was locked up and lost year after year after year of my life to brutal horrid torture, then lost subsequent years
    living in utter fear of another arrest and round of brutal horrid torture. People didn't care, or they were happy because I criticized their churches, then they trained Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become psychiatrists at Canadians and other western
    universities, and allowed them to "work" in Canada without being Canadian citizens. So I pray to God for vengeance, and you know, He went and appointed a Prime Minister of Canada who locks you all up and then allows Chinese, Sikhs, Hindus and Islamists
    unfettered access to Canada. The Chinese fly in directly from Wuhan, where they weaponize bat and other viruses… Trudeau doth what he can to prevent Canadians from traveling, and from arming themselves while traveling, while allowing the Chinese to fly
    in daily from Wuhan.

    God Almighty just dothn’t care which particular fertility cult occupies any nation. Canadians spent millions of dollars making me a home in a psychiatric ward, they stole billions of dollars of Doukhobor land and drove many Doukhobor families to
    utter poverty, now they think themselves rich enough to give free houses to Islamists. Canadians adopt Catholic traditions that are in opposition to several of God’s Commandments, they insist that their blinkin’ trees and other Catholic fertility
    rites are acceptable sacrifices to God. They are unrepentant of their ongoing filth and do not know how to blush, they deserve the loss of their nation to members of alternative fertility cults. Similarly the Americans funded the torture research at the
    University of Saskatchewan, billions upon billions of dollars was spent on developing and administering utterly nauseous drugs. American people allow their own veterans to be drugged and tortured in American psychiatric facilities. They drug their
    children, they drug their seniors, and some people they provide “special treatment” to, which amounts to brutal horrid torture that goes on year after year after year, or a fairly quick death. It dothn’t really matter if the system is owned by and
    run by the Catholic Church or some other entity, the issue to me is that people are absolutely compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror. People spent billions of dollars to make me and others homes in psychiatric facilities while they fill
    their homes with blinkin’ Catholic idols at a cost of millions of dollars annually, and then think themselves rich enough to give free houses to Islamists. I begged in vain for assistance to flee the country and all people could do for me is laugh at
    me and assault me further, then they sing Jingle Bells and get their trees to blink. Hitler killed many millions who did not share in his desire to get trees to blink. Hitler’s trees blinked on and off, on and off, on and off, it was really quite a

    Also worth mentioning is Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley, who’s handgun accidentally discharged and killed Colten Boushie when Colten Boushie and his drunk native friends came to rob Stanley’s farm. Colten Boushie and his drunken friends
    arrived in a vehicle they stole from another farm earlier that same day… Stanley’s farm was the third one the drunkards went to rob that day. One of the drunks broke the stock of the rifle when using that rifle to attempt to break in and steal a
    vehicle, then they soon showed up at the Boushie farm with that damaged yet fully functioning rifle. When Gerald Stanley was found not-guilty for murder then the aboriginal Indians hilariously appealed to the United Nations for support, hilarious as the
    United Nations is an Islamic organization seeking to remove both aboriginal Indians and Whites from North America and replace them with Islamists. Now lawyer Tony Merchant is attempting to launch a legal suit against the police for failing to find the
    murdered and missing aboriginal women, but it appears that nearly all of them are being killed off by violent aboriginal men (true some are slaving away in Africa and Asia). Judges are handing out light sentences to the natives when they commit violent
    crimes, claiming that there is a disproportionate number of them in jails… there would be far fewer murdered and missing aboriginal women if the violent natives who committed these crimes served their time. I get years of brutal horrid torture as a
    reward for criticizing churches, natives get a slap on the wrist when they act with utter brutality. The reason why the natives act with utter brutality is because the churches are teaching people to abide by pagan fertility rites rather than God’s
    Commandments, and because the legal system sets the violent people free. The native Indians want to get out of jail and go home to their parents, family and friends, get drunk and sing Jingle Bells. While the natives flip-flop between Catholicism and
    traditional native beliefs (depending upon whom they are trying to get into their beds and fuck on any particular day), the Catholic media and Saskatoon’s libraries are working overtime trying to teach the natives to start ramming their penises up each
    other’s arseholes. Now they want to sue the police for failing to find the aboriginal women that the aboriginal men killed. Many large, strong and able bodied native men don’t venture much around their reserves at night (if at all) due to the violent
    youth and gangs running rampant on reserves. And now lawyer Tony Merchant hopes to make many millions of dollars out of the situation.

    In the news a provincial election has been called in Saskatchewan. Handicapped people are calling for an increase in their monthly benefits and the provincial NDP (New Democratic Party) are defending and promising that increase (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
    October 3rd 2020). The federal NDP united with the federal Liberal Party and hands out $2000 per month to Chinese, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani and other foreign (mostly Islamic) students, and now the NDP seeks votes from the handicapped poor in Saskatchewan
    by promising an increase in their monthly allowance. The so-called right wing Saskatchewan Party and the NDP are united in maintaining psychiatric torture facilities, and are united in allowing seats at the universities be used to train the foreign
    Islamists to become medical doctors, including psychiatrists. There is no recent mention in the news media that the Trudeau allows foreigners to work in Canada without being Canadian citizens, still no recent mention that jobs can be handed out to
    foreigners without first advertising the opening to Canadians. The only possible outcome of this situation is outright war and a subsequent invasion of United Nation troops led by King Charles, who is an Islamist. Canadians will defend the invasion of
    the United Nations troops because they will be lead by Charles, who like his mother, will teach people to maintain their Catholic fertility tree traditions, for nothing on planet earth is more important than tradition. Again, Queen Elizabeth heads a
    supposedly “Protestant” church and then uses that office to teach people to abide by “Catholic” fertility rites. She is by far the wealthiest person on the planet while her son Charles is himself exceedingly wealthy and has been using this wealth
    over the last few decades to build mosques and spread Islam across the planet (see “The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea”). Once Charles inherits his mother’s wealth, the Catholic Church will hand over all authority to him and then all hell will break
    loose. Then Doug Cuthand will likely continue to encourage the native aboriginal Indians to break treaties with the white people and make new treaties with the black Islamists, and the media in the province will continue to give him a voice. The male
    native aboriginal Indians worked hand in hand with the federal and provincial governments and took away any power native women traditionally held, and now they seek to make new alliances and give power to black Islamists, while shipping the grain grown
    on reserves to China. And there are good paying jobs for the native Indians helping Graham Construction build new psychiatric torture facilities in Western Canada (with money borrowed from future generations). They stick Egyptian penises on the roofs of
    their filthy churches at the Indian reservations as well, and then defend the traditions by singing Jingle Bells and having people arrested under the Mental Health Act for daring to speak out against the Catholic traditions. The Protestants on the
    reserves don’t care, for they embrace the Catholic fertility rites, and at One Arrow Reserve they even stuck a statue of Chief One Arrow on top of an Egyptian penis. At all native reservations they flip-flop between Catholicism, Protestantism and
    traditional aboriginal beliefs depending upon whom they want to fuck on any particular day. As Dr. Gene Marcoux said before he resumed torturing me with psychiatric drugs “Everybody does it” (everybody turns trees into decorated idols). It is far far
    far more important to maintain Catholic fertility rites and hand your nation over to Chinese and Islamists than to end psychiatry and psychiatric torture. People are absolutely compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror. Go get your God-damned
    trees to blink then hand over your nation to members of alternative fertility cults.

    Annually they spend many millions of dollars turning evergreen trees into lavishly decorated blinkin' idols, then the trees caught fire in California, Oregon and Washington State and burned their homes down. Why? Maybe they decorated their trees with
    blinkin' lights of the wrong color, maybe they got their trees to blink at the wrong frequency, or maybe they failed to put enough tinfoil on their blinkin' trees. Or maybe their homes didn't have tall enough ceilings, preventing them from getting and
    decorating tall enough trees. Or maybe they imported alternative fertility cult members who lit the forests on fire. Sure the Bible repeatedly condemns turning trees into decorated idols, but what doth God know?

    Saskatoon’s immensely popular Louis Riel Day and the Louis Riel races was a celebration recognizing the co-operation between natives and Europeans and the building of our nation. Saskatoon City Council cancelled the Louis Riel races and replaced
    these races with Chinese Dragon Boat races, and at about this same time the media made a flip… on the evening news rather than demonizing the Chinese as they had for the previous decades, they said that the Chinese people were just like you and me, see
    they have blinkin’ trees and are celebrating “Christmas” (which is actually the use of God’s Name in vain and is a Catholic fertility rite). The media made another flip around that time... for years the media was publishing stories of La Nina and
    El Nino weather oscillations causing periodic drought and famine to some continents while leaving the other continents either unscathed or with abundant rain, suddenly those stories ceased and were later replaced by a new anti-industrial narrative.
    Famine is due to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation combined with a lack of compassion (see Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third Word, by Mike Davis). It is imperative to our enemies that North American industry is
    destroyed for this will make many people homeless and more easily consumed by the witches. Forcing people to become homeless makes it easier for the witches to get away with eating people… their delight is to devour people without anybody being aware
    of what is going on (Habakkuk 3:14), and churches keep people ignorant of the cannibalism being conducted by censoring Scriptural references to the act. There is enough wealth in North America (and Australia and New Guinea…) to insure everyone has a
    home and is well fed, and this can be accomplished without benefitting landlords and lawyers. Remove the industry and you will remove jobs, the wealth and even the homes, and make it easier to consume the growing numbers of impoverished without raising

    Do not be alarmed, cannibals will not be breaking into your home and devouring you as their delight is to devour people without anybody being aware of what is going on (Habakkuk 3:14). The cannibals will instead enact legislation to bankrupt you and
    make you homeless, this way when they eat you, it will not be apparent that you are missing and so there will be no cause for alarm.

    And on page C3 in the Saskatoon-Star Phoenix on October 17th 2020, there is an article on the Liberal government’s new CRB (Canada Recovery Benefit) program, which replaces the CERB (Canadian Emergency Response Benefit). Both the old CERB (Canadian
    Emergency Response Benefit) program and the new CRB (Canada Recovery Benefit) program have provided and are now providing $500 per week to non-Canadians living in Canada. The Canadians of white European descent who failed to obtain jobs before the Fear
    Flu broke out remain impoverished and often homeless. Keep in mind that Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus that are not Canadian citizens are being trained as medical doctors including as psychiatrists in Canadian Universities, and are allowed to “work” in
    Canada without being Canadian citizens. It is the Canadians of white European descent that comprise the vast bulk of the people who are stripped of their rights and tortured in psychiatric facilities… complain about the mismanagement of Canada in an
    inappropriate manner and expect to be arrested under the Mental Health Act and begin your “treatment”. And keep in mind that most of the Christians in the middle-east were recently slaughtered by Islamists, and that these Islamists who murdered them
    and stole their savings were allowed to come to Canada and keep these savings and were provided with taxpayer funds to start new lives here. I was stripped of my rights in 1988 and brutally tortured for years, I begged in vain for assistance to flee
    Canada and all the Canadians of white European descent could do for me is laugh at me, libel me, rob me and brutally assault me further, for they did not appreciate it when I criticized their most beloved pagan traditions. Now in 2020 they lose their
    jobs and businesses, now they lose their nation to members of alternative fertility cults, and they continue to publish obituaries claiming that their smitten children and otherwise deceased family members are up in heaven with Mary, for they abided by
    traditions (traditions that are in opposition to God’s Commandments). The way I see it, is that the white Canadians of European descent (including the Doukhobors and Adventists) are compassionless to me and to other victims of psychiatric horror and
    deserve the loss of their nation to Islam. Laugh and sing Jingle Bells, post photos on social media of your children and family members posing next to the pagan idols. You have Egyptian penises on the roofs of your churches, you place Egyptian penises on
    the tops of evergreen trees that you turn into blinkin’ idols, you support media, schools and churches that censor Scriptural references to cannibalism, you train and employ Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists to torture people to death, you are
    absolutely compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror… Lose your businesses, lose your homes, pay compound interest on the “money” Trudeau hands out to foreigners living in Canada, laugh at me and have me tortured for criticizing your
    churches. Canadians spent millions of dollars having me brutally tortured for years, they made me a home in a psychiatric ward now consider themselves rich enough to give $500 each week to non-Canadians who are unable to find employment here in Canada.
    Sing Jingle Bells, turn trees into decorated idols and proclaim that you are saved regardless of what the Bible instructs. Keep voting for the communists who hand over your nation to Chinese, Islamists or any other foreigner. Beat me to the point of
    death at your Seventh-day Adventist Church for daring to proclaim that your church is united with the Catholic churches in teaching traditions in place of God’s Commandments.

    In the news on October 19th 2020, the Trudeau Liberals (backed by the NDP) extend the border closure with the USA. And for a few days previous to this there have also been reports on how the Liberals (backed by the NDP, both are communist parties) are
    making it easier for the Chinese to fly into Canada. The government shut down the economy, now there are millions of unemployed in Canada and the federal government is seeking to bring in more foreigners, and are paying many of these foreigners $500 each
    week because these non-Canadians were unable to find adequate employment in Canada. They made me a home in a psychiatric ward and now hand out over $2000 per month to foreigners, which is enough for them to make payments on new homes, or the foreigners
    can use that $500 each week and buy a rifle

    Or these foreigners may purchase two quite nice rifles costing $1,000.00 each month, or one exceedingly nice rifle costing $2000.00 each month. The Canadians of white European descent (most are denied training and denied jobs, some are tortured in
    psychiatric facilities) did not work and earn money in 2019 so are not eligible to receive the $500/week the Islamists, Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese are getting. The white-European and native aboriginals living in poverty in Saskatchewan received $50 for
    their covid relief funds from the provincial government in April 2020, so they could buy some masks and hand sanitizer, back then, and may use the money to purchase a used BB gun or perhaps a nice sling shot.

    Female Islamists don’t have to show their faces in Canada in order to buy rifles and ammunition, and since males in Saskatchewan are allowed to claim on their birth certificates that they are females (and without any changes being made to their
    sexual organs), then the male Islamists in Saskatchewan too are not required to show their faces when they purchase the rifles and ammunition for our government provides them with identification purporting they are females.

    On page A2 of the October 20th 2020 Saskatoon Star-Phoenix we read that 45-year-old Mohamed Hassan Omer slashed the throat and severed the spine of a 29-year-old woman in Saskatoon in the morning of May 27th 2020, then he stabbed her in the arm and in
    the back and stole the vehicle she was sitting in. And on page A4 we learn that an autopsy was unable to determine the cause of a psychiatric inmate’s death. James Leo Short was being forced to take “antipsychotic” medications, which all have “
    death” as a known side-effect.

    In 2020 our Islamic government forced millions of white people into unemployment, then on October 30th 2020 announced that it would obtain economic recovery by importing well over a million new immigrants to Canada over the next three years. This is a
    direct result of whoreshipping trees and praying to Mary and shitting upon God’s Commandments, people ignore God’s Laws and then God allows their nations to be taken over by members of alternative fertility cults. The Canadians have no shame, they do
    not even know how to blush. The Canadians are looking forward to “Christmas” (the use of God’s Name in vain) where they will have trees that blink. The Koran commands their followers to behead the unbelievers and NOT to cover their heads and faces,
    yet they cover their heads and faces, and then are able to buy guns and ammo in Canada without showing their faces. Canadians do not care to get involved in the matter, except to vote for the politicians that allow the murderers entry and who give the
    murderers money, and who give the murderers free accommodations, and who give the murderers educational opportunities that are not offered to Canadians of European or aboriginal descent. They stole the homes and money and exterminated the Christians in
    the middle-east and much of Africa, then they came (and continue to come) to Canada with the stolen money, and are allowed to keep “their” money for their own discretionary purposes while starting new lives here. Trudeau forced millions out of work,
    now will import millions more. The Africans he will bring here will be nearly entirely Moslem. Moslems united with anarchists and communists have been burning down buildings, raping and killing, and marching and chanting to kill the whites, who would
    have ever thought they would also stuff ballot boxes??? In Saskatchewan the Moslems get a home paid for each of four wives, so if they do not cut your head off, your life will still be negatively affected by their presence (they are bankrupting your
    nation). And even with the Chinese manipulating bat viruses in the city of Wuhan, Trudeau still allows the Chinese, and even the Chinese living in Wuhan, to fly to Canada… while preventing Americans to visit here. Environmental laws will be
    strengthened to prevent you from going to gold bearing regions in Canada and mining the gold. Slaves are paid in paper promises and are not allowed to have guns, Canadians are slaves who are slowly having their guns taken away from them. Half the
    Canadians who desire to get a gun are Moslem, many of the other half are kids who want to get a new lever action Winchester repeating rifle under their blinkin’ tree or for their birthday. Consider getting that lever action in .243 Winchester. Or get a
    bolt action in .243 or 7mm-08, or .270 Winchester, or 7mm Remington Magnum, or .338 Lapua, I think you need a rifle. Get a rifle and then post on the internet and on the usenet, and in letters to the editor, that people who faced brutal horrid torture
    for daring to criticize the mainstream churches and people living in utter poverty should not be allowed to have guns. Once you legally have a rifle you may speak all kinds of shit against the people who spoke out against your blinkin’ tree and against
    your pedophile priests. Islamists who have four wives and are collecting welfare for each of the four wives, are allowed to have guns, for they do not live in utter poverty, as Trudeau insures that they are well cared for. Perhaps Trudeau will change our
    dollars into dinars, instead of Laurier on our Five Dollar Bill we will end up with Omar Khadr on a Five Dinar Bill.

    Adolph Eichmann was in charge of moving the Jews to slaughter via the railways, his trains had priority over the trains that were bringing war supplies to the eastern front. German soldiers on the eastern front went without adequate supplies as trains
    carrying the war supplies were sidelined in order to allow Eichmann to transport the Jews to the death camps. Hitler knew that his attack against the Soviet Union would be in vain, but his main concern was to kill Jews and make sure that his tree
    continued to blink. Hitler had trees that blinked on and off, on and off, on and off, it was really quite a show. Canadian Liberal leader Mackenzie King regularly sought advice from demons, who were active in advising King to not allow Jewish refugees
    entry to Canada. Now today the demons are advising the Liberals to import people who desire to cut our heads off, and to not provide sanctuary to the Christians facing genocide in South Africa or elsewhere. Demons are real and they are wanting to replace
    white Christians and black Christians with black Islamists, or with any other Islamist. Hitler sought out alliances with Islamists and killed Christians and Jews. Canadians want a tree that blinks on and off, on and off, on and off, just like Hitler’s

    Making rounds around the internet mid-November 2020 is that the last Canadian election was fraudulent as corrupted computers were used to tabulate and change votes, as was recently done in the United States. And in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix on
    November 19th 2020 Chris Selley reminds us “The really salient point, surely, was that the Aga Khan (Islamic) Foundation lobbies for and receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the Canadian government.” Canadians still are not moved, they
    continue to wait for “Christmas” (the use of God’s Name in vain) and now their major hope to be able to fly to winter resorts so they may sing Jingle Bells and bow to blinkin’ trees there. No matter the cost, Canadians must photograph themselves
    and their children engaged in honoring the pagan holiday, and the more ornate and the more distant the setting in the photographs, the better. Make sure to post the celebratory and festive photos on your Facebook page while making disparaging comments
    against some poor psychiatric abuse victim who lives in perpetual shock. Now you have to stay home, stay home while the Chinese and Islamists arrive at our airports, seaports and borders. Go get a flu shot and make yourself infertile.

    See Rebel News on November 21st 20202… “Suicide in long term care: Canadian senior chooses death over living through a second lockdown” regarding the survival rate of Covid -19:

    COVID-19 Survival Rates:

    Under 20: 99.997%
    Under 50: 99.98%
    Under 70: 99.5%

    Islam is a fertility cult that seeks to increase its numbers through imprisoning women in homes and forcing them to become wives and mothers. The Islamists pride themselves in knowledge of and in the use of herbs and have published copious quantities
    of books over the centuries that include instruction on what herbs to use to reduce fertility and induce abortions of people that do not belong to their fertility cult. Now we have an Islamic government that will force injections upon people that will
    make them infertile. It is all a part of Trudeau’s plan to replace the European population with non-Europeans (with Islamists). The fear flu has a survival rate of over 99.5% for people under 70 years of age, likely 99% of the women of child-bearing
    age will become infertile should they take the two injections the government is mandating.

    People stay home and allow thousands of the Chinese and the Islamists to fly in daily, then they pay the mortgage for the four homes for each of the four Islamic wives. The aboriginal Indians stay confined to their tiny rotting homes on the reserves
    and are instructed to ram their penises up each others arseholes while the government hands out billions of dollars to Islamists so they can start new lives here in new homes here. All the children are taught to hate Christianity and the idea of
    Canadians and Americans having our own oil self-sufficiency, the oil industry is forced into shutdown while the Canadian lumber is required for new homes for the “immigrants” or exported to Asia, and the white children are taught to hate the colour
    of their skin and to ram their penises up each others arseholes. White Europeans didn’t like criticisms of their blinkin’ trees and spent many millions of dollars having me tortured for years in psychiatric facilities, they made me a home in a
    psychiatric ward and now buy new homes for Islamists. You torture me and laugh at me and rob me and slander and libel me, then seek to gain annual redemption by singing Jingle Bells and by proving you are not a racist by handing your nation over to
    Islamists, Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese. Your forefathers somehow proved that they were not racists by stealing Doukhobor land, now the Doukhobors wallow in filth as they join with you in decorating and bowing to trees. The wealthiest of the Doukhobors are
    always turning their homes into lavish temples of evergreen tree fertility, they have the tallest of trees and the nicest of the blinkin’ lights, and they have the most friends who all join with them in honoring their fertility tree idols. It used to
    be that the Doukhobors fled from idolatry, now they embrace it and shit upon me for daring to attempt to warn them of the dangers involved.

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