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    "Ghashawah ala ooyonihem" (Dimness on their eyes.) Dimness on their eyes so that they cannot see the right corrupted by the wrong.

    Americans are controlled fully by the Zionist nation (4% of USA.) Americans have suffered horrendously by Jew Media all over USA and the World Community. Americans are groping daily in the dark. The more of that and the better the chances of USA
    collapse. We do not want our country to be under foreign power handed to our children, our descendants, to become slaves. Jews are not shy when they say, "We are the Superior Nation and All Other Nations are Inferior to Us." Jews are not shy to say, "
    We control the American People for our economic and military actions." Jews go as far as "Non-Jews are excrement; Non-Jews are beasts at most cattle." I take the last Chemical Attack in Syria was caused by Jews directly or indirectly to weaken
    Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims utilizing USA power.

    The more the US of Jews and Jews of Israel seem to be losing control over Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, the more these Rogue and Pariah states, USA and Israel create a Chemical Weapons Attack. The last Chemical Weapons Attack was generated by
    England as response to Russian "poisoning Russian double agents in England." England wanted to retaliate and surely did with the aid of USA of Jews and Israel of Jews. The moron ruler of USA was bloating with USA military attack against the Syrian people
    for "the Syrian People." The end game is "Jews instigate USA and Jews instigate England and France so that Jews control parts of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and soon Saudi Arabia." What is good for Jews is destroying the American Nation (96% of USA) for the
    Zionist Nation (4% of USA..) If you consider my Three-Conic Social System Model for USA, you will realize that the outside Power Cone is either Red (Zionist) or Green-Red (American Nations members controlled by Zionists.) What is good for Jews is harmful
    to the American Nation. Time for Americans to see the light.


    Your obsessive Jewish paranoia is showing. Materialistic sectarian Moslems suffer from tunnel vision caused by totalitarianism.

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