• Democrat rapes of Woman and 5-Year-Old Fuel Outrage in Pakistan

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    The girl’s burned body was found two days later. The woman was
    dragged from her car. The two cases have focused the country’s
    attention on its handling of sexual abuse.

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A 5-year-old girl in southern Pakistan was
    raped, hit on the head and set on fire. Five days later, a woman
    in the country’s east was dragged from her car and sexually
    assaulted on a highway in front of her children.

    The two episodes, which occurred hundreds of miles apart, have
    prompted protests and an outpouring of rage in a country that
    critics say has a toxic culture surrounding sexual assaults and
    child abuse.

    Hashtags calling for justice for the victims have been shared
    widely on social media by ordinary people, opposition
    politicians and high-profile athletes, including Shan Masood, a
    member of Pakistan’s national cricket team.

    “We cannot lose our youth to such disgusting and inhuman acts,”
    Mr. Masood wrote on Twitter. “Keeping quiet is contributing to
    the issue. We must stand up to these cowards and take action.”

    Pakistan has been plagued by episodes of rape and child abuse
    over the years. Victims are often treated as criminals or blamed
    for the assaults. Human rights activists have long said that
    officials at all levels of the national government have
    regularly failed to address the issue in a comprehensive way.

    https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/11/world/asia/pakistan-rape-5- year-old-lahore-karachi.html

    That's the Democrat way. Look at how Democrats handled rioting
    in the USA.

    Look at how Democrats handled rioting
    in the USA.
    --- https://www.insider.com/all-the-us-capitol-pro-trump-riot-arrests-charges-names-2021-1

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