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    By Aviroce

    The insurrection was condoned and executed by the Traitor at the White House in cooperation with Hawly and Ted Cruz for Jews. Read this:
    "Biden went on to draw a comparison between Cruz's behavior to that of Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi propagandist during World War II. "Big lie" is a reference to a propaganda technique employed by the Nazis in order to sow doubt and confusion.
    Cruz, as well as other Republicans like Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri, have been criticized for objecting to a congressional procedure to count the 2020 presidential race's Electoral College votes. Democrats and Republicans have alleged that their claims
    gave credence to conspiracy theories that have repeatedly been struck down by federal judges, and that they were predicated on debunked theories of widespread voter fraud.

    Their objections, which took place on the same day as the Capitol Hill siege on Wednesday, promoted the discontent and political divide, Democrats alleged. Democratic lawmakers accused Cruz and Hawley of "treasonous" behavior, with some calling for them
    to be censured or expelled.

    Cruz took offense to Biden's comparison and described it on Twitter as "really sad."

    "At a time of deep national division, President-elect Biden's choice to call his political opponents literal Nazis does nothing to bring us together or promote healing," Cruz said. "This kind of vicious partisan rhetoric only tears our country apart."

    Cruz condemned the attacks as a "despicable act of terrorism," but alleged Democrats were taking advantage of the moment. Cruz eventually voted to sustain his objections, which were overwhelmingly struck down by his Senate colleagues.

    "No one should be surprised to see Democrats playing politics and to see them try to attack strong conservative leaders," Cruz said during a radio interview. "That's something Democrats have done for a long time. I do think it's really cynical for them
    to be trying to take advantage of what was a tragic event that occurred yesterday in Washington - the terrorist attack on the Capitol.""

    The new Attorney General along with the FBI should do a good job prosecuting ALL perpetrators of this crime of Insurrection.

    Ted Cruz for Jews helped plan it and execute it along with the Traitor.


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