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    By Aviroce

    It is a blessing to have two parties, two major parties, in the United States. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party work for the Interest of the American Nation. In the absence of a tribal nation or one ethnic nation, two parties can be
    most helpful system to advance such a non-tribal nation, a nation of multiple ethnicities.

    What we got under the Traitor leader who usurped power through foreign intervention by Russia and Israel does not represent the two party-system for the interests of the American People. The so-called Republicans are Greens with Red Haloes, non-Jews
    bought by Jews for benefit of the Jews and the Jews are their masters. (See my Three-Conic Social System Theory for People in the United States.)

    According to my Theory on Bitches, the so-Called Republicans supporting the Traitor, are Type Three Bitches that is they get paid first and pay back later. For instance, Mitch McConnell campaigning for the Senate in Kentucky, did not have enough
    resources. He begged for funds from the Traitor. The Traitor gave him $50,000. That was not enough. So Mitch McConnell would visit the Traitor's Tower for more. So when the Traitor committed Treason and got into the White House, Mitch McConnell
    paid him back many times over. These are the traits of Type Three Bitches.

    The present form of the so-called Republican Party is Traitor Republican Gang based upon falsehoods to extort and exploit power.

    With all the hoodlums in the Senate, Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State stands out as what Republican does and should do--elected by the people to serve the people. That is respectable.

    Even when the Traitor at the White House asked him to change the number of votes to favor the Treasonous Ruler, Raffensperger said "No." Imagine the false claims and threats Raffensperger faced for one hour and a half on the phone with the Traitor and
    his attorneys. Raffensperger told the Treasonous Ruler "No. Our Numbers are Accurate" and "You lost."

    Having said that The Honorable President Elect Joe Biden should be protected from harm as the Treasonous Traitor and his Judeo-Nazi Supporters and financiers may attempt to harm him fatally. I realize Security around the Honorable President Elect has
    been increased. I want to see more security assigned to him. Judeo-Nazis kill the competition so that they can hold the upper hand. I saw that in Palestine. I saw it in Iran. I saw it in Cuba. Judeo-Nazis care only for Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-
    Nazis. Other people (Jews call them "beasts") are disposable.

    Americans beware.

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