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    "Biden orders 'exorcism' of Trump from White House
    Caroline Graham for The Mail on Sunday 20 hrs ago" December 13, 2020

    Biden orders exorcism of Trump from the White House. Yet exorcism might not be the right word. Trump might have destroyed a good portion of the White House by getting mad he has lost the election and the lawsuits to reverse the will of the majority of
    the American People. So clean-up might not be the right term for Biden to move in. There is nothing Trump won't do. We got a guy who worked hard to cheat and kill the American People to the point of destroying our norms and taboos and laws just he
    could stay in power to benefit the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis.
    Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are one and the same. These Jews constitute what I call "The Zionist Nation" of the United States of America. It is the wealthiest. It is the most influential socially, economically, politically, and belligerently.
    These Jews are about 15 Millions. But you can see from the election that they can deceive, mostly un-educated, members of our society to the tune of Sixty-five Million Americans, non-Jews, members of the Inferior Races as Jews claim they are the only
    Superior Race. As a matter of fact, Jews consider themselves as the only humans and non-Jews are beasts. Beasts are disposable and should be ruled with an "Iron Rod." You do not believe it?
    The Trump Jew Dynasty never cared about our people. They cared only about Jews. For instance, when the Jew Dynasty got into usurped power through the Traitor Donald Trump, the latter signed America to declare Jerusalem capital of Israel, the West Bank
    to be part of Israel, the Golan Heights to be part of Israel. What about the native Palestinians? They are to be sent to the border next to the desert leaving their home for Jews. After usurping power, the Jew Dynasty became the "The Chosen," "The
    New God of Jews."
    The Jews activated the Jew Media, the Jew Wealth, the Jews buying power to buy the Jew Dynasty another four years of Jew Dominance to create the Zionist Empire where USA becomes USA of Israel rather than Israel of USA. Jews never abandon their long
    terms strategic plans. If you do not believe me, get to study George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the American Icons of our Republic, the United States of America. They warned us about Jews over two-hundred years ago.
    Besides, Jews legitimized the Jewish Edicts to promote Slavery. And Slavery never left the United States under the Jew Dynasty. They tell us they are the Conservatives. If you ask the question what a Conservative is, you should not be surprised to
    know that a Conservative is an advocate of Slavery in different format than when Slaves were bought and sold. They want to keep non-Jews down under their mercy. They gave the police laws to kill Black rebels, those Blacks who want to be Free. They
    liquidated Blacks into servitude for Jews. If you go to Lowe's stores, you will find Blacks running the stores for their masters. The masters are the Invisible Jews. How about McDonalds and Burger Kings? The have the Blacks to serve the masters.
    Slavery is not gone. Slavery has become Exploitation through labor that live the lives of "Sixteen Tons" (I owe my Soul to the Company Store."
    Our new president Joe Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris will have a hard time reversing "Slavery." Slavery is ingrounded into work to live and love to produce more slaves.
    Well if the Jew Dynasty does not leave the White House voluntarily, Joe Biden can call the Sheriff to evict them by force. If Exorcism is used as what I passed to you eviction, cleanup, removal of all evil imposed on our people in all respects, then the
    term is well used.
    Has any of your neighbors died from the Covic-19? Then you are a lucky one. Three Hundred Thousands were killed and 16 Millions infected by the Coronavirus just to let the Jew Dynasty stay in Power. The Jew Dynasty boasted "Covid-19 is a Blessing."

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