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    "Jared Kushner heads to Middle East amid tensions over Iranian nuclear scientist's killing
    Deirdre Shesgreen, USA TODAY 26 mins ago" (November 30,2020)

    It has been over three and a half years since Iran was permitted (negatively) to produce a Nuclear Weapon. By now Iran should have assembled at least the First Atomic Bomb. That bomb is primitive. But it could be created easily.

    With the new Delivery System, Iran can reach the enemies properly. I realize among all too many innocent civilians will be a target. This is not avoidable.

    Where could Iran hit? The enemies are all around and over Iran. USA-Israel enemies occupy strategic locations around Iran with the most advanced war materiel. The land and the skies are the enemy. Back to Tarik Ibn Ziad at the Rock of Gibraltar,
    named after him, " The sea is behind you and the enemy is in front of you and you have no way but to beat it." Tarik Ibn Ziad entered Spain and Spain joined the Islamic Empire for over Seven Hundred Years! Spain is not a colony of the Arabs. Spain
    is an Arab country. Arabs intermarried with the Spanish till the time of separation when Columbus sailed west to the Americas.

    Telaviv is a great target. It kills Jews. Jerusalem is much greater target but it kills Jews and Palestinians. But attacking West Jerusalem is proper as it is mainly occupied by Jews. There are several locations where Nuclear Bombs are stored in
    Israel . Attacking these locations could ignite Nuclear Bombs and there would be no winners in that respect. So Telaviv and West Jerusalem are great and proper targets short of Nuclear Bombs. Of course TARGET: TELAVIV AND ONE NUCLEAR BOMB is still
    the best option but that action should be done by a country that has more Nuclear Bombs to silence the Jews in Israel.

    For USA targets, Bahrain is central, Saudi Arabia is also great target, United Arab Republic, misnomer for Arabs, is also a great target. Kuwait is another good target. The Persian Gulf states are basically military and economic targets with endless

    Blocking the Persian Gulf is a possible target to prevent direct supplies.

    On the other hand, Iran is all of it is a major target for a formidable enemy determined to destroy it.

    With all these targets available which one to start? Hezbollah in Lebanon is sitting over Israel. Telaviv and Jerusalem are within immediate attack and I think Iran should help Hezbollah to start the war. Nuclear attack against Hezbollah will recoil
    against the Jews. The Jews would be committing suicide.

    How about killing the Jew leaders in Israel? Israel is a fortress. But it can be penetrated. If Nineteen Arabs, almost paralyzed the United States of America, the most fortified country, in 2001, Israel could have a similar fate.

    Hey people of the United States of America, even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson warned us against Jews, Adolph Hitler was not around. Prophet Mohammed condemned the Jews when they signed on to defend Medina and the Jews during the fight reneged
    on the pact. After winning the war, the Prophet Mohammed killed Seven Hundred Male Jews on acts of treason.

    Hey people of the United States of America, even with all these warnings and these incidents, you received acts of genocide against you. The present Jew Dynasty at the White House is responsible for killing at least 260,000 Americans directly through a
    disease, Covid-19, induced to lessen resistance against Jews let alone the half million Americans who were killed because preventive and maintenance medications and treatment were not available to them.

    Did the American People suffer from the Zionist Nation within it and outside it? Yes. Covid-19 is merely the beginning to convert Americans to "beasts" according to Jew ideology and long term strategic objectives to establish the Zionist Empire where
    only Jews are human; non-Jews are beasts. To be a Jew means you must have the same DNA associated with a Jew Mother not father.


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