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    "Trump Waves and Drives Past Fans Gathered to Protest His Loss
    Clare Roth and Jordan Fabian 1 day ago'" (Microsoft Edge, 11/16/2020)

    According to my theory, Three-Conic Social System Theory for People in the United States of America, the Zionist Nation within USA, the smallest inner cone (Red), is 4% of USA. And the American Nation, middle cone (Green) is 96% of USA. Yet the votes
    for the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is almost 50% of all votes. Notice first the votes belong to the interpower within the Power Cone, the top cone. Subtracting 4% from 50% you get 46% of the American Nation voted for the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    This last group voting for the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE is Green with Red Haloes (RG"s.) Why so many RG's?
    The Zionist Nation is wealthy, owns Jewish Media like Fox News, and has established schools and agencies under the Flag of the United States to promote the Creation of the Zionist Empire through the Blood and Treasure of the United States. Zionist
    Nation pays handsomely to an prospect RG might be disenchanted or for personal interest or leading a renegade group to get them into Congress especially the Senate. For example, look at Mitch McConnel. When he ran for the Senate in Kentucky, he did not
    have enough money to get the votes. ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE paid him $50,000 and Mitch McConnel continued to frequent the Trump Tower asking for more. This cemented liability against Mitch McConnel to pay back the ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. In
    my Theory of Bitches, Mitch McConnel is Type Three Bitches (he gets paid first and pays back afterwards.) In fact, every RG is Type Three Bitches. Notice also that some of the schools to produce these RG's is created by the Kochs Brothers, the Mercers,
    the Sorros, Adelsons,...The money spent on these RG's create both Wealth and Power within the USA Government which rewards them handsomely with Blood and Treasure of the United States of America. All their activities are presently legal and they fight
    tooth and nail to keep it and increase it. They tell you all this is done for the Flag of the United States, for the American People. But that is deception and exploitation.
    These programs are conceived to deceive the American People in the name of the American People for the Zionist Empire where Non-Jews are Beasts and the Only Humans are the Jews.
    Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are one. They believe Jews are the Superior Race and Non-Jews are the Inferior Races. Inferior Races are to be ruled with an "Iron Rod."
    Just look at the Jew Dynasty and how it is deceiving Americans. From Covid-19 is a "HOAX" to having now Eleven Million Infections and 260,000 Deaths from the virus and almost One Million Collateral Deaths due to Lack of Maintaining the Health of Non-
    Covids. Lies. Lies. Fake News. Lynchings. White Racists. Qnans. Antifa. The Jew Dynasty see Covid-19, White Racists and other Fictional Organizations as a bonanzas. In fact, the Jew Dynasty considers Covid-19 as a blessing for the election. They tell Americans "Live Long Enough to Get the Vaccine!"
    The last statement reminds me of my illiterate father, May God Bless His Soul, he said. "They are telling you "Live long enough my donkey until the grass grows." " (He had a donkey for hauling and I used to find grass to feed it and ride on it as a
    little boy. He fed his donkey very well to help him move. A healthy donkey.) The Jew Dynasty wants to deprive Americans of life until the vaccine is manufactured!! Please keep in mind my theorem:
    THEOREM 1. Zionism and Nazism are homeomorphic topological spaces on two mutually exclusive ethnic groups.
    Members of the American Nation you got no prayer.

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