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    By Aviroce

    The American People can be deceived one time, two times, three times and they will not be deceived forever. When the enemy is supported by the wealthy Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis along with their Jew Media, the dominant media in the United
    States of America, then we are talking about an enemy who is too hard to circumscribe, disentangle, and basically liquidate its efforts to destroy the American Society. When the enemy is domestic and acts as legal as could be, it is almost improbable
    to pen it down and cast it away.
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE has been deceiving Americans for almost five years, one year before he usurped the power as a traitor of the State of the United States of America and almost four years while at the White House. ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE
    not only crumpled our social norms and values deep rooted in our social system, he deeply unrooted these norms and values where society is led astray eveywhichway.
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE attacks the legality of the election in every state including Pennsylvania and Michigan. His main objective is create an aura of falsehoods to steal an election. He did it before. He is doing it now. His motto, “If they
    don’t pick me as their leader, I pick myself as their leader. The Hell with Democracy.”
    He subverted everybody. He attempted to destroy the future of anyone who opposes his will to Create the Zionist Empire at the expense of the Blood and Treasure of the American People. And now, that his departure from the White House is more certain
    than ever, he has moved to change leadership in every department to become the Absolute Dictator. Speaking of Dark Outcomes in the making, he changed the Secretary of Defense and appointed instead of him a Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi who may be
    used to attack and kill more Americans opposing his False Claims to Power. The newly-appointed Secretary of Defense is a “I Help My Zionist Nation.” Not the American People. These American People can go to Hell as far as the Zionist Nation is
    After moving the American Embassy from Telaviv to Jerusalem and declared the Annexation of the West Bank and Golan Heights are supported politically, militarily and economically by the United States of America, the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis
    gave him the title of "THE CHOSEN". "GOD OF THE JEWS." Even his Secretary of State P. calls him “The God.”
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE believes he is the God of the Jews. He believes he is THE CHOSEN. God does no wrong.
    Therefore, the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis do no wrong. Only Jews are human and non-Jews are beasts. Jews are the Superior Race and Non-Jews are the Inferior Races. The Inferior Races must be ruled with “Iron Rods.”
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE moved to become the absolute ruler of the United States of America. Democracy became a dirty word. He assigned jobs to people who will be under his mercy. He corrupted every law and every legal action and every social
    custom and taboo using money he did not own as a means including life and death. He knowingly and should have known has killed about 300,000 Americans and sickened over Ten Million Americans and it is still going up. He cherished hostilities against
    the American People at home and abroad so long as Israel, the buds of the Zionist Empire is developing economically, politically, militarily to expand its territories among Arab and Muslim countries in Asia, the future center of wealth and prosperity.
    The American People have to clamp down on this Enemy of the American People to get “the Clown” to “Shut Up.”
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will not escape the ire of the American Society. This ENEMY will have to be sued on all criminal violations and corruption at home. He may land in the Federal Penitentiary along with his Jew Dynasty.
    ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE believes in becoming the Ultimate Fascist Dictator within an American Democracy, contradictory terms. Greed for wealth, power, and absolute power must come to an end. Now you can see the enemy lives next-door pretending
    to be you helpful servant. Jews are your enemies and we should all be careful to stop them in their trespassing.
    Well, now, this character can pack his bags and hit the sky for Israel at his own expense.

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