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    What is this anti-semitism? Jews are anti-Human. Jews believe they are the only Humans and all others are beasts at most cattle. Anti-semitism is really Humanistic. Semitism is anti-Human. People have to make a choice between Jew racists and Humans other
    than Jew racists. Read on:
    Nasty yid quotes from nasty yids
    From: Binyamin Cramer
    Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 16:19:45 +1000

    Dossier on Palestine (Shunpiking, 2002), p 72
    "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We
    are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at
    best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to
    rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our
    leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us
    as our slaves." MENECHEM BEGIN, former PM of Israel

    "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards
    the third world, because the US economy will require large and
    increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less
    developed countries." - Henry Kissinger

    Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles
    to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially
    true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond,
    whether real or promulgated [use a dictionary], that threatened our
    very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge
    with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every
    man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario,
    individual rights will willingly be relinquished for the guarantee of
    their well-being granted to them by their world government." - Henry
    Kissinger (1991)

    David Ben Gurion Prime Minister of Israel 1949 - 1954, 1955 - 1963
    "We must expel Arabs and take their places."
    -- David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985.

    "Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be
    something wrong." This was quoted in a book by Walter Isaacson,
    Kissinger - A Biography, on page 561.

    " Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of
    hate healthy virile hate for what the German personifies and for what
    persists in the German."
    E. Wiesel, Legends of Our Time, "Appointment With Hate," NY, Avon,
    1968, pp. 177-178.

    The spitting on the cross for converts Christians to Judaism,
    organized in kibbutz Sa'ad and financed by the Israeli government is
    an act of traditional Jewish piety.

    "We have to purge this terrible plague from our midst,"
    MK Esterina Tartman on the appointment of the Arab MK Ghaleb Majadle
    as a minister.
    "It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . .
    will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent
    idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . .
    The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen
    the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our
    best friends".

    Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

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