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    "Civil order is left largely to civilian police. But there is an obscure law, the Insurrection Act, that theoretically could thrust the active-duty military into a police-like role. And governors have the ability to use the National Guard in state
    emergencies if needed."(Quote from an article on Yahoo today.)

    The Honorable Speaker of the House of Congress of the United States keeps asserting demands of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any word she says and any action she takes, she follows the Constitution. She immediately recognizes the
    Crimes committed by Donald Trump, the traitor strong man. She tells us how these Crimes cannot be supported by the Constitution. She impeached Donald Trump however treasonous he is to the American People he is supposed by the Office he Occupies to
    protect the American People. The crooked Trump-Republican Party in the Senate saved his neck thus acting treasonously but consistently with the provisions of the Constitution. She does not see Donald Trump as an individual. She looks at the person
    occupying the office at the White House. How he got into the office has been an issue for Impeachment. Regardless of that Donald Trump occupies the office.

    Donald Trump is a criminal. By virtue of the office he occupies, he cannot be prosecuted. Following that path is harmful to the Nation. But there are limits to that immunity. If he loses the election and he is expected to lose it big time, knowing
    this character, this Donald Trump would encourage the Judeo-Nazis, to harm Americans openly by virtue of his occupying the office at the White House. The military is under the Executive Branch and accordingly under Donald Trump Occupying the White House.
    If Donald Trump orders the military for action. Secretary of Defense is supposed to obey except for loyalty. Secretary of Defense was sworn to uphold the Constitution and not the President of the United States. Election is a Constitutional Issue and
    not an Executive Issue. The Secretary of Defense has an obligation to obey the Constitution although his boss is the President. If Secretary of Defense disobeys Donald Trump, the latter can fire him. And there will be no end in sight. Mutiny.
    Rebellion. Coup.

    Honorable Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is the American Mother. The American Mother wants to protect her children from Evil. She got the final say. Donald Trump could be escorted out of the White House by the Sergent-at-Arms and face imprisonment
    in a hospital or at the USP.

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