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    By Aviroce

    Donald Trump, the treasonous traitor, is looking for an Absolute Control over the American Nation (96% USA.) Manifestations of this endeavor is seen in establishing a ruling center at the White House he usurped through foreign intervention, Russian and
    Israeli interventions. Although the Russian intervention is known to be foreign intervention by an enemy, the Israeli intervention seems innocuous, home-made for subversion and ultimate take-over of the United States of America by Jews, Jewish,
    Zionists and Judeo-Nazis.

    The ruling class is the Jew Dynasty at the White House. The enabling class are the Trump-Republican Party in Congress of the United States. The Jew Dynasty hires and fires cabinet members to maintain an absolute control by this malicious and subversive
    Jew Dynasty. Where Congress might have the ultimate say on appointment of executors of political, and economic and military agenda , Donald Trump resorts to temporary assignment of executors tempting them to do his dirty work otherwise he would fire
    these executors and appoint new temporary ones. The executors would cherish the power they receive and deceive the American Nation as if they represent their interests.

    The Jew Dynasty believes anything in the United States is Political, law is political, judges are political, even science is political. This concept leaves us with search and appointment of a Central Power to maintain itself and executes for its needs.
    People would become the X and politics operates on X.

    The Jew Dynasty is the Power which wants to maintain itself against the American People. It is an Authoritarian Government. This government recognizes the opposition as “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) thus involuntarily recognizing itself as Fascist System
    of Government. So any group opposing this Fascist Government, the Jew Dynasty calls it Antifascism.

    Although the opposing group does not recognize itself as Anti-Fascism termwise, it is Anti-Fascism in fact. We got the Thesis (Fascism) and the Antithesis (Anti-Fascism), we expect to get the Synthesis and that is unknown.

    We have the Fascists. We have the Anit-Fascists. If the Fascists win, our Democracy is gone into the Sewer line. If the Anti-Fascists win, would we be able to have the same Democracy we started with? Would this so-called Anti-Fascism mean
    Restoration of the Democracy?


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