• Mideast Peace: Time to practice what you preach in the name of monothei

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Sun Sep 20 13:50:57 2020
    Pure monotheism is based on the nonmaterial oneness of the supreme Father and his children thus material differences do not matter as they are all material dualities of time, geography, nationality, and ethnicity. Real religion however is always based on
    the higher transcendental spiritual nature of eternal existence, knowledge, and bliss; whereas irreligion is focused on the temporary identity of the material body, race, nationality, which is ignorance and suffering. Thus real intelligence and
    understanding of higher truths begins by realizing transcendental spiritual identity of all souls and the oneness they have with the supreme transcendent Father. That is the pure philosophy of universal nonsectarian monotheism.

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