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    By Aviroce
    A document of August 17, 2020 created by Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with Office of Intelligence and Analysis in coordination with several other offices, as well as with the National Counterterrorism Center warns of possible election-
    related attacks.
    The report assesses “ ideologically-motivated violent extremists and other violent actors could quickly mobilize to threaten or engage in violence against election or campaign-related targets in response to perceived partisan and policy-based
    grievances,…We continue to assess lone offender white supremacist extremists and other lone offender domestic terrorist actors with personalized ideologies, including those based on grievances against a target’s perceived or actual political
    affiliation, policies or worldview, pose the greatest threat of lethal violence.”
    The worst and most influential terrorist is the Jew Dynasty at the White House led by the traitor-in-charge Donald Trump. This Jew Dynasty should be arrested and removed from power as soon as possible.
    This Jew Dynasty is sponsored by AIPAC, Sorros, Koch, Adelson and many more Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis from the Zionist Nation (4% of USA). They tell the unwary Americans of the American Nation (96% of USA) “We support Israel. We are
    allowed to support a foreign entity.” They appeal to American notions of compassion and empathy, “We are victims of the Nazis. We survived two Holocausts, the 1919 Holocaust and the 1948 Holocaust.” “Six Million Jews” were killed in each
    Holocaust. They show you pictures of killing people in Nazi Germany. How awful these pictures can be!!
    If you think a rattle snake supported by its curls on the ground and standing tall at the center is telling you “Hello.” You are damned wrong. The rattle snake is ready to attack you and poison you. The Jew Dynasty at the White House is that
    rattle snake. Comes now the ideology.
    Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis believe ONLY JEWS ARE HUMAN; NON-JEWS ARE BEASTS. On the surface, the humans use the beasts. Beasts are disposable. If the beast does not do the job the human wants, the beast may be slaughtered. The beast could
    not become a human.
    NPR broadcasted a documentary about the 16-cows which were considered a threat to Jewish Sovereignty. They were milking cows. Palestinians are not allowed to pass their money to Palestinian owners of the these milking cows. Israel sent squads of
    Occupation Army of Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis to find the cows and send them to the slaughterhouse. In fact, non-Jews are beasts, insects, goats, at most cattle! That is the Philosophy, Ideology, Policy, daily beliefs, objectives and long-term
    strategic effectuation of the Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi society.
    How come Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are Human and non-Jews are beasts? This ideology is derived from the beliefs that Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are the Superior Race and All Other Races are Inferior Races.
    The Superior Race must govern the Inferior Races with an “Iron Rod.” Have you noticed Donald Trump moving in that direction? He gets really mad when he cannot do it.
    The Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi Dynasty usurped the White House using two foreign nations adding to that unlimited supply of money. The first nation involved is Israel. To Americans, Israel is an innocuous nation acceptable to our United States
    of America, an ally of the United States of America, a beneficiary of hundreds of billions of dollars over the years. Just it is Israel. It is nothing harmful they tell us. When you begin to think of the Great Influence Israel has over our American
    Nation in terms of policy, military, economic marketing, and wars, then you start thinking where are we going with such Blood and Treasure going for Jews, you will get shivering chills. America is going to Hell.
    For expansion of the Zionist Empire within the Palestinian, Arab,and Muslim countries in Asia, the Future Center of Wealth in the International Community, Israel needs Iran out of the question. Only the Jew Dynasty who stole the White House can
    deliver on War of Annihilation against Iran taking along All The Gulf States. It is a Nuclear War.
    The Sooner the Better to Remove the Jew, Jewish, Zionis, Judeo-Nazis from the White House the Better Chance to Have Sustained Peace and Tranquility.
    I have advocated Target: Telaviv and One Nuclear Bomb to stop the advancement of the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis. The Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis want to include the United States in its Support. Which means the American Nation, not
    including the Zionist Nation within USA, will be used as beasts to shed Blood and Treasure for the expansion of Israel. Have we gone to Hell yet? We are on the way.
    When Donald Trump, God of the Jews, the Chosen by the Jews, when Donald Trump found out he is going to be losing the election as a traitor of the United States, he began using the Coronavirus candidly and “it is good for America.” Killing
    Americans and intimidating Black Americans is a ticket for Donald Trump to win the election by Deception and Intimidation. So far he killed 175,000 Americans and inflicted 5.5millions with the Coronavirus. He will never learn. He will use this
    process over and over again until he wins. He must be stopped. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are on his trail!
    He uses deprivation and disease as a means to scare the American People, not the Zionist Nation, the beneficiary of these deadly strategies.
    I have felt there is a God, not Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi and this God loves the American Nation whose members sought shelter on this continent. This God is informing us Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are enemies of the American Nation (96%
    of USA.)
    The American Nation should cut the rope at the top of the cliff and let this Zionist Nation fall off the cliff!

    You are smoking that stuff again. Kowledge based on hate is actually ignorance and self deception.

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