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    An American history professor wrote a book on Fascism. NPR had a conversation with this author on this issue. At the conclusion of this interview, I realized that what the author is describing is what we have occupied the White House traitorously.
    Donald Trump is a Fascist. It does not end that way.

    If you remember that Trump's Attorney General, Barr, reflecting on Black Lives Matter's demonstrations, stated that certain group called Antifa has penetrated these Peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Implicitly Barr was accusing Black Lives
    Matter demonstrations are rooted with Antifa. He added, implicitly that Antifa is responsible for the riot activities around the demonstrations thus Black Lives Matter is Antifa. At the time he made the comment, I did not understand the
    relationships involved. Nor did I ever heard of Antifa. Even my wife, first time she mentioned Antifa she thought it is an Arabic word for "Intifada" (rebellion.) As time went on, others described it as "Against Fascism." As if Fascists constitute a
    group other than the ruling dynasty and Antifa is fighting against it. Again the confusion still existed in my mind that Antifa is alien to me and fighting an alien group of Fascists. When I listened to NPR, it got me straight. Although I never read
    anything about Fascism, now I can understand what is going on.

    Yes. Donald Trump and his Trump Dynasty fit the characterization of being Fascists. Fascism is a form of Dictatorship that destroys norms and attitudes, habits and protocols, values and laws to force members of society to abide by orders of the rulers
    that fit their interests and objectives. Fascists work for Fascists and society is an X- unknown. Donald Trump is operating on this X-Unknown. To understand why Donald Trump is a Fascist, let us review his background.

    Donald Trump is a Jew, Jewish, Zionist, Judeo-Nazi. All he aspires for is to "Capture Power" anyway he can. If you consider my Theorem 1: Zionism and Nazism are Homeomorphic topological spaces on two mutually exclusive sets (ethnic groups), then you
    really understand that Fascism is a subspace of Nazism and Fascism is a subspace of Zionism. Fascists rule through obedience or else. When Zionism mandates Jews are the Superior Race and Nazism mandates that Germans are the Superior Race and when
    Americans would have a real problem accepting such notions, Fascism is the management tool to force acceptance. In a Democratic Society, Fascists have a great difficulty explaining their rules. Fascists resort to weakening Democracy and weakening
    members of society.

    The Jew Dynasty operates to weaken social values and Donald Trump is the biggest champion in destroying such values. There is no Truth. There is Fake News. Every value has gone down the drain.

    To prevent society from changing the ruling guards, the Jew Dynasty infects the population with the Coronavirus, Covid-19. Society will get weaker to resist. Moreover, with Covid-19 affecting Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately compared to Whites,
    the more privileged, the Jew Dynasty expects fear and intimidation will render these two groups to lose their power.
    The Jew Dynasty goes as far as igniting wild fires in California and Oregon to render their voting to become useless or ineffective or diluted. People would worry about their lives and properties and death and destruction rather than voting against
    this evil dynasty.

    Yes. Covid-19 was created by Donald Trump and Jew Dynasty, and the Fires in California and Oregon were created by Donald Trump and the Jew Dynasty. The Jew Dynasty is not interested what happens to Americans, non-Jews, what they care for what
    benefits these Jews have as a result of the catastrophes inflected on society.

    Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis are one and the same.


    What is more dangerous than one having no knowledge is when one has just a little knowledge.

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