• Afghanistan Taliban peace cannot be based on any one religion

    From Jedi Master@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 15 03:59:56 2020
    Sectarian religion cannot be the official religion of any government because real religion does not have any material qualities of nationalism nor ethnocentrism (race) otherwise it will be corrupted by mundane time and place (sectarianism).

    Peace negotiations must be centered on a purely nonmaterial spiritual identity of the individual soul as only nonsectarian principles can enter government otherwise it will divide the people and put them into chaos . Charity, peace, and security can
    only be maintained by those who respect the divinity and pure spiritual identity of all people regardless of material differences in race, language, occupation, and religion.

    Whatever individual or collective who cannot agree to this principle must not be allowed into government. Their knowledge is imperfect and incomplete due to being contaminated by material dualities and sinful life. They will be victims of Marxist
    socialism, fascism, and dictatorship.

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