• Drug case framed by China and US spies

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    1010. Push for another drug case framed by China and US spies (3/19/2018)

    It's another comic show acted by the Feds(the FBI and DEA) and their representative Trump.

    1. One thing important is that without the help of the Feds, Trump couldn't steal the US president seat. They are accomplices.

    2. The firing of McCabe is used to cut the relationship between Trump and the Feds.

    3. Trump is used as a whip to push the Feds to finish the "elimination Kat Sung" case which lasted more than three decades.

    4. Be noticed that the overlapping travel date to "firing McCabe case". My wife and my brother is arranged a tour to China and Taiwan from 3/17 to 3/31, McCabe is fired on 3/16 and he prepares to leave on March.

    5. Chinese secret police has a long history to collude with the Feds to frame a drug smmugling case on me, signaled by EP-3 Spy plane crew case(4/11/2001) and Timothy McVeigh's execution (6/11/2001)and 9/11 WTC attack (9/11/2001)

    This time they again to frame a drug case on my relatives in their tour to trap me in. I allege.


    1,003. Intimidation to create fake evidence (2/3/2018)

    It is clear the comic drama is a continuation of the plot to elimination of Kat Sung. First Trump fired Comey, When there is no progress in the attempt murder case of Kat Sung, they force McCabe to leave.

    They create a "Russia-probe memo" case to cut the relationship between Trump and the FBI when Trump's treason becomes clear. (Trump may be impeached as a distraction to that framed case) They create the crisis to apply pressure on the FBI. As a matter of
    fact, Trump is a candidate of the "Deep State" of the Feds to whip their terror force.

    [quote] FBI deputy director leaving post ahead of planned retirement

    Eric Tucker and Sadie Gurman, Associated Press• January 29

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump's criticism who led the bureau for months last year following the firing of James Comey, is leaving his position ahead of a previously planned retirement
    this spring, people familiar with the decision said Monday.


    1011. Frame a case through the hands of Taiwan and Chinese secret police (3/22/2018)

    In #1008, I said the Feds had used "Taiwan travel Act" as a starting signal to the framed case. On 3/12 I was once blocked to post #1008 in Internet. Then my wife abruptly changed her leaving date from 3/17 to 3/14. I think my conclusion that the Feds
    used "Taiwan travel Act" particularly on my case is very correct. The Feds try to discredit it by changing my wife's leaving date. It doesn't actually affect normal trip.

    That Act, also convince people that China is hostile to US and Taiwan, so it's impossible that they collude for a conspiracy.

    It also plays a role to distract the plot if China intensifies the situation to a war.

    [quote] China Must Prepare For 'Military Clash' Over Taiwan And 'Strike Back' at U.S. Interference, State Paper Says
    Christina Zhao,Newsweek• March 22, 2018

    China must “strike back” against U.S. interference over Taiwan and prepare for a “direct military clash,” Beijing state media has said.

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-must-prepare-apos-military-140623378.html [/quote]

    The tactic is similar to the firing of FBI deputy McCabe When Trump hails Andrew McCabe’s Firing As ‘A Great Day For Democracy’. It covers up the relationship between the Feds and the framed case. The "Taiwan Travel Act" covers up a dirty framed
    case applying on innocent people.

    In fact, these are part of "2018 March plot".
    3/16, Donald Trump signs "Taiwan Travel Act.
    3/17, my wife's original planed leaving date. Means the case starts.
    3/18, A.G. Sessions fires FBI deputy McCabe.

    In this case, the Feds(FBI and DEA) are masterminds.
    The main actors are Taiwan and Chinese secret police. Taiwan's security depends on US, so it has to follow the order from the Feds. "Taiwan Travel Act" itself is a payment to Taiwan already.
    China used to be paid big reward in such case. I think they have had a secret deal early this month.

    [quote] Senior economic official Liu He to visit US
    By Zhang Yunbi | chinadaily.com.cn | 2018-02-26 15:45

    Liu He, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, will visit the United States from Feb 27 to March 3, the Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday.

    http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/201802/26/WS5a93bb1aa3106e7dcc13e214.html [/quote]

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