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    From Aviroce@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 10 08:22:09 2020
    Letter to Yahoo:
    I am disgusted by "our" Representatives in Congress, House and Senate, especially the enabler Senate, for Keeping Enemy of the American People at the White House.
    Today is 911 Day. But look at the Son of a Bitch being responsible for the Death of 200,000 Americans and infecting 6.5 Million Americans. The Son of a Bitch is still Campaigning to Win for Life!!
    USA killed millions of Al-Qaeda and others related directly or indirectly as a punishment for the killing few thousand Americans. Yet this Criminal has killed 200,000 Americans, disabled the country and infected 6.5 Millions with the Coronavirus.
    I cannot call them my representatives. They are enablers in murder of 200,000 Americans.
    I am disgusted to see this Son of a Bitch speak and talk while committing crimes against the American People Openly and Notoriously. He should be the Monkey in the Federal Penitentiary. He should have glass separating him when he spits, it stays on his
    Abdur-Rahim Dudar

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