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    “The Daily Beast” is correctly named to deal with the “Beasts” or non-Jews. Only Jews are human and non-Jews are beasts.
    In their issue today, published by Yahoo, who stopped the Freedom of Speech articles and comments just to please the Jew Dynasty presently occupying the White House.
    The Daily Beast is reporting on Charlie Hebdo magazine that portrait the Prophet Mohammed in a cartoon at the time where a trial for those who might have helped the dissidents who fought their way to kill the Jews involved in this portrayal.
    It is not a matter of Freedom of Speech. It is a matter of intimidation of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. Jews want to take away their land and treasures. We see the same happening in the United States.
    Donald Trump, a member of the Judeo-Nazis, is only concerned about the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis. Black Americans are nothing of consequence. The Judeo-Nazi Donald Trump attacks Black Americans directly and indirectly to suppress their
    voting power just like what the Jews at Hebdo have been doing. If this Judeo-Nazi, Donald Trump was not in the protection of the White House, Americans would sue him and send him to the Federal Prison for his evil acts against the American Society. In
    France, the situation is different. The dissidents took the laws into their own hands and massacred some Jews. That is no wonder.
    The Prophet Mohammed killed the 700 Male Jews when they betrayed him in Al-Medina. In these days that was a holocaust. You can see Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis have been exposed to holocausts since the beginning of time. Jews, Jewish,
    Zionists, Judeo-Nazis seem to have been some kind of aliens to our planet. They have been rejected by the World Community since the beginning of time. Before the Prophet Mohammed, Jews were dispersed all over the World since Nabukhadanasser, king of
    present Iraq, invaded Israel and took all these Jews as slaves to the Euphrates and Tigris. By the way this gave Jews plenty of time not only to dream but begin the formulation of Zionism. Now both the Palestinian People and the American People are
    victims of Zionism. The Jew Dynasty is responsible for the infection of the American People, so far Six Millions of them infected and more than 180,000 dead from the Coronavirus. And Donald Trump, the Judeo-Nazi is planning to win the election over
    the dead bodies of the American People.
    Attacking Muslims and Arabs using their Prophet Mohammed as a cartoon is an invitation to annihilate Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. In 20015, Jews met their match.
    In USA, Jews meet their match through Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. By voting, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will circumscribe these Judeo-Nazis and hold them accountable.
    White Racists, you are used and exploited by the Jews, Jewish, Zionists, Judeo-Nazis. Once these Judeo-Nazis capture the power, they will spit on you like Jews spit on Jesus in Jerusalem.

    Obviously, Judeo-Nazis are at work for their God Judeo-Nazi Donald Trump.

    Yahoo News:
    Trump himself was quick to blame his new go-to target, antifa “thugs,” a perception growing out of reports that the victim was a member or sympathizer of a Washington-based right-wing group known as Patriot Prayer, which participated in Saturday
    night’s noisy caravan of pickup trucks billed the “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally in Portland.” Reporters at the scene described seeing vehicles with out-of-state license plates, or plates covered with duct tape or removed altogether — while police
    stood by watching and directing traffic. That supports the conclusion by Michael German, a former FBI agent who specialized in domestic terrorism cases, that “the story that isn't being told is the escalation of violence from out-of-towners who come to
    Portland to wreak havoc and then go home, without police interference.”

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