• Coronavirus patients taken off ventilators after getting experimental f

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    Two coronavirus patients in New York City are off ventilators and out of intensive care after they received an experimental drug to treat HIV and
    breast cancer.

    As the skyrocketing number of cases stretches city hospitals to the limit, doctors are racing to find out which drugs on the market or in development might help in fighting the infection.

    The drug, leronlimab, is delivered by injection twice in the abdomen, the
    Daily Mail reported.

    Of seven critically ill patients who received the drug in New York, two
    were removed from ventilators and two showed significant improvement.

    Doctors right now donít know quite how leronlimab works, but studies
    suggest it calms the overly aggressive immune response ó known as a
    cytokine storm ó that frequently leads to lung inflammation, pneumonia and potentially death.

    https://nypost.com/2020/03/28/coronavirus-patients-taken-off-ventilators- after-getting-experimental-hiv-drug/

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