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    George Core wrote:

    Senate panel backs giving Florida access to Canadian drugs

    The pricing of meds is *weird*.

    The US price IS rather over the top sometimes.

    "Because we CAN charge that much" is surely part of
    the reason. However "Because we MUST charge so much"
    is also a factor. Americans are lawsuit-happy and it costs
    pharma companies HUGE money. It does not matter if
    the side-effect is written on the bottle and put in big red
    letter in TV ads - juries will pay millions to those injured by
    exactly what they had been warned about, and ignored.

    The further afield you go, the lower the incidence of lawuits
    and thus pricing can be lower.

    So, I take it that you want cheepo meds AND the right to sue
    for millions if you suffer the listed side-effects ? Sorry, but that
    cannot work. What you will get is NO meds and an early grave.
    You must be a millenial, nobody else is daft enough to believe
    in something for nothing.

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