• 2018 will be a bloodbath if replacement bill fails - Paul Ryan

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    Ubiquitous wrote

    Watch below:

    Trump said 2018 would be "bloodbath" if AHCA fails.
    @SpeakerRyan agrees: If we don't keep our word to the
    people who sent us here, yeah. pic.twitter.com/bJ943jN8H4
    - Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) March 12, 2017

    Trump is mighty, better than all of us who love him.

    Paul Ryan is Trump's enemy and must be hated. Attacked daily just
    like we do with Obama and all the demon leftists who infest our
    nation thinking they're better because they graduated high school
    and we didn't bother.

    Free thinkers always believe Gateway Pundit.

    Or American Thinker
    Or Infowars
    Or Breitbart
    Or DailyCaller
    Or Rush
    Or Mark Levin
    Or Sean Hannity
    Or Watts Up With That
    Or Russia Today (Formerly Pravda)

    Only they tell the truth and understand Trump's infallibility.

    Feeble old farts like you will be forced to repay every cent you
    have collected from the government. No more free rides for
    unproductive flabby old parasites who are addicted to donuts and
    too much reality tv.

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