• Ultra-clean homes could trigger childhood leukaemia, major review s

    From Orange@21:1/5 to All on Wed Sep 19 13:41:15 2018
    Doctors have also found that ultra-clean homes make the polio problem worse. In Medieval times, most babies were exposed to the polio virus very early in life, and they developed a natural immunity. In the cleaner "Modern" age, when the children were
    protected from the virus until the teen years or adulthood, the results were devastating -- permanent paralysis.

    Come to think of it, Mumps is another example of that. Catch the mumps in childhood, and the results are minimal. Get the mumps as an adult, and it can produce death or permanent sterility.

    Funny how that works. Our society's passion for avoiding germs is not necessarily a good thing. Mother Nature had some things all worked out a million years ago.

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