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    Two years after prescribing Covid lockdowns, U.S. government disease doctor Anthony Fauci now acknowledges he may never be able to justify the massive societal costs of his radical therapy. But China’s communists, who have acknowledged so very little throughout the Covid era, are still imposing one
    of the world’s largest experiments in human isolation on the 25 million
    people of Shanghai. The Journal’s Wenxin Fan reports that one of the world’s most comprehensive lockdowns, in which people have been prevented from dog- walking among myriad other banned activities, will continue past Monday.

    David Kirton of Reuters reports that “the city is straining under the demands of the country’s ‘dynamic clearance’ strategy, with some residents
    complaining of crowded and unsanitary central quarantine centres, as well as difficulties in securing food and medical help.” He adds:

    Some have begun to question the policies, asking why COVID-positive
    children are separated from their parents.

    Agence France-Presse reports:

    Shanghai health officials on Monday defended separating babies and
    young children from their parents if they test positive for Covid-19,
    as frustration at the city’s tough virus controls builds...

    Under China’s unbending virus controls, anyone found positive -- even
    if they are asymptomatic or have a mild infection -- must be isolated
    from non-infected people.

    That includes children who test positive but whose family members do
    not... Parents and guardians voiced their anger at the policy on social

    “Parents need to meet ‘conditions’ to accompany their children? That’s
    absurd... it should be their most basic right,” one unnamed commenter
    wrote on social media platform Weibo.

    Yes it should. But even parents who’ve been able to keep their kids at home haven’t necessarily found it easy to feed them. On Sunday Alice Yan wrote in the South China Morning Post:

    Over the past week a rap titled Scrambling for Vegetables became an
    online hit with Shanghai residents for whom the race to buy fresh food
    has become a part of everyday life under lockdown.

    Many locals are now having to get up at 6am in the hope of being able
    to order vegetables and meat online before stocks run out, meaning the
    song’s lyrics – “Scramble for vegetables. We scramble for vegetables
    together. After scrambling for vegetables, we do the nucleic acid test
    together” – have struck a chord with many in the city...

    There are around a dozen apps that residents can use to order daily
    necessities, but many crash due to high demand and fresh food often
    sells out quickly with the whole city of 25 million effectively locked

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