• [Glenn Beck] Three Things You Need to Know -- January 22, 2018

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    1) Women’s March vs. March for Life

    The C word. The F word. The P word. The S word. The D word.

    The FCC would surely fine me if I actually told you what was
    brandished on signs at Women’s Marches across the country this
    weekend, but you get the picture.

    It was an alphabet soup of vulgarity.

    The disgusting display at Women’s Marches across the country was
    appalling for so many reasons.
    The worst was how many moms exposed their children to such hatred.

    Kids have no idea what this march is about. And I don’t think their
    parents do either.

    Just for a second, think about what you are you teaching your

    What was the message at the Women’s March? Something between “We
    hate Trump and stay away from our genitalia” I think.

    That’s not a productive mission statement.

    You need to be for something, not against something.

    If those who attended the Women’s March really cared about women’s
    rights, they would have attended the other rally that happened this
    weekend: The March for Life.

    Their message was much more clear and noble. Let more women be born.

    The March for Lifers are literally trying to save the lives of
    millions of women.

    The Women’s Marchers are complaining about Donald Trump.

    You tell me which message is more heroic.

    2) The shutdown continues

    I’m sure most of you are listening to this right now from inside the
    safety and security of your Government Shutdown bomb shelters. For
    those of you that did manage to venture out into the horror, I
    salute your bravery.

    The shutdown is now entering its third day. The Senate has a
    procedural vote at noon today that could fund the government
    temporarily until February 8th, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope.
    Don’t crack the lid on those bomb shelters just yet. The rumor is
    the relationship between the White House and Chuck Schumer is at an
    all-time low. Trump met with Schumer on Friday. Trump wanted the
    wall, and Schumer wanted Amnesty. You can imagine how well that
    conversation went.

    This entire thing is just so silly. The government will eventually
    get funded, but until that happens we’re going to be forced to watch
    grown men and women act like children, arguing for things they know
    they probably don’t have any chance of actually getting. Will the
    wall get funded?

    Anything is possible, but I have my doubts. Will DACA become law?
    Let’s not forget that Obama had to write an executive order,
    specifically because he knew both parties wouldn’t be able to
    successfully vote on it.

    One side WILL eventually blink, but – the question is – how long is
    this going to take? If this stretches through the week, we’re going
    to get dangerously close to this affecting our men and women in
    uniform. MIlitary families can’t miss a paycheck. We already pay
    them next to nothing for what they do. Now, the soldiers risking
    their lives in combat zones will also have to worry about paying
    their bills back home.

    Both sides are to blame here. Both sides are using military families
    as a pawn to argue for the highly improbable. You’d think military
    families would be off limits in this power play between overgrown
    children, but they’re more than willing to play that card. One
    Democrat actually tried. Here’s Senator Claire McCaskill on the
    Senate floor, pleading for an amendment to keep paychecks going to
    the military:


    You’d think Republicans would jump at this and take it. Here’s Mitch McConnell’s response:


    The turtle has spoken. Both sides are to blame here, and neither one
    seems to really care about the military. End this stupidity. Get
    back to doing whatever it is you guys do. You know, having super
    cool lunches at the Capital Grille, or whatever. Your arrogance and
    stupidity has consequences.

    3) N.H.S. Crisis

    Great Britain’s government health care system is falling apart.

    That is not a conservative talking point. The New York Times
    reported on it this week, with the headline “Britain’s National
    Health Service in Crisis.”

    The head of Britain’s N.H.S. warned that the system is overwhelmed.
    Last year he requested four billion pounds in additional funding. He
    only got 1.6 billion. Also last year, 10,000 nurses quit.

    The crazy thing about this New York Times report is that all the
    things conservatives criticize about socialized medicine, all the
    reasons we say it’s a bad idea and unsustainable, are actually
    happening. And the New York Times actually wrote about it!

    It’s the kind of worst-case scenario stuff that the Left makes fun
    of the Right for talking about. For example:

    Hospital hallways jammed with beds of frail and elderly patients
    waiting to be admitted.

    Outpatient appointments canceled because there aren’t enough doctors
    to meet demand.

    Patients waiting over 12 hours in emergency rooms before receiving

    Undergraduate medical students being asked to volunteer to help ease
    the crush of patients.

    Two weeks ago, hospitals were ordered to postpone all nonurgent
    surgeries until the end of the month. Many British hospitals also
    declared “black alerts,” meaning they cannot meet patient demand. On
    Twitter, British doctors described their overcrowded hospitals as
    “third world conditions” forcing them to practice “battlefield

    The N.H.S. director warned that the patient waiting list will grow
    to five million people by 2021, the highest number ever.

    If this stuff wasn’t in the New York Times, no one on the Left would
    believe it coming from me.

    A British construction worker learned from the news about the latest
    round of thousands of postponed surgeries. He said, “If I receive a notification, it will be the third time my operation is postponed.
    This is a disgrace. We injure ourselves while working to pay our
    taxes, and the government just leaves us to suffer.”

    Are you listening, America? Still interested in that Bernie Sanders
    government healthcare plan?

    Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd
    have to audit liberals & wire tap reporters' phones.

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    1) Women’s March vs. March for Life

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